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Want to be Another Version of Being Brave? Do What Makes You Happy


Are you scared to take the risk of doing the things that you are not sure? Do you sometimes think that if you know limit yourself, you will be safer? Being scared and choosing to be safe—how can these two change our perception of happiness? The question is, do you even know how to be brave?

If you are scared, you want to be safe. You are putting a limitation on everything that you do because you are afraid. Happy people live in the present. They are aware that they only have one life. For them, they need to put together all the pieces that they need to complete the puzzle. In other words, happy people are brave people.

They do have their share of anxieties, problems, and dilemmas but they know how to cope with it. And, this is what makes them brave. By knowing that they need to be strong to overcome everything. Below are the essential things you need to understand why being happy is another version of being brave.

Knows the power of their goals


Proceeding to a course that you do not even have any assurance if it is for you or not is an act of bravery. However, it is not like you are doing that because everyone’s doing it. It is because you know that being in that stage will make you happy. If you are satisfied, you know what your purpose is. You are the only one who could decide for yourself. Be that kind of person.

Make friends with your enemies

Growing up is the best thing that could ever happen to you. You know who cares for you and who did not. During those stages, you realized that there are people who made you feel how awful you are. Those people might be the person who left you hanging or just that ordinary mean girl.


No matter who you are and what the situation is, always remember that making peace can make you happy. Give yourself the chance to let go and be free. Contact them and try to reconnect with them. Time heals all wounds. Maybe she also wants to do the same but not that brave enough. Do it now and never wait for the right timing.

Encourages you to live the life you want

You have a stable job and good career that everyone wants to have. However, you want to pursue another craft. Never live life with a list of “what ifs” and “maybes”. Why there are still people who are stuck in between? They are contented, but they are not even happy nor sad. It might be because they lack courage.


Being brave is vital to conquer everything that is against you. You need to have the capacity to defend yourself against criticisms. Never let anyone dictate what you want. Learn how to shine without overshadowing other people.

Gives you new lesson to learn

Make yourself proud. If it fails, never let it burn you down. As what they say, never let mistakes define you. Anyone cannot define you. It will only take one step. However, it is still your choice if you take a step forward or take a step backward. The moment you think about change, never waste the fuel on you. Get that dream and inspire other people to be the better versions of themselves.

Helps you not to be scared of happiness

Some people are afraid of being too happy. It is because they know that it will be taken away from them soon. Always keep in mind that happiness is not a sin. You deserve that smile and glow on your face. Never let anyone or anybody tell you that if you are too excited about something, you will end up crying.


Taking a risk is something that scares other people. If you will let fear consume you, in the end, you will become a loser. Not in being successful but in being happy. A lot of people have established a good name in the industry where they work. But, not all are genuinely happy.

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