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Power of Social Media in Life: Reasons Why You Are Easily Persuaded


Do you ever have this moment wherein while you are scrolling your social media accounts, whenever you see posts that are new to you, you instantly say that you want to be like them? Do you ever wonder if what is the power of social media and the things it could do to your life?

Take this, for example; you saw that your friend starts to lose weight. She keeps on posting about it and in the process, you saw the improvement that she had since the first day she posted it. After that, you realized that you are wondering if you could do what she is doing. That is when the power of social media arises when you start to think about doing the same thing.

Is it possible to be persuaded even without saying anything such as “do this” or “buy that”? Want to know more about it? Here are the reasons why the power of social media is one of the persuasive methods.

Plays a vital role in our life as a human

Web psychology is the one that could support this reason. What is web psychology? According to Nathalie Nahai, it is the empirical study of how our online environment influences our attitudes and behaviors. Twelve points can be connected to the mentioned such as cognitive psychology, behavioral economics, user experience, and neuroscience.


Three systems make the person understand the hidden motives and act as the design of persuasive experiences. These three systems are primal systems, emotional system, and rational system. If you will going to combine these three, you will be able to come up with a decision that you think will affect your life same as it affects your friend’s life.

Influences by the choices of peers

When a person has a lot of subscribers, followings, and a huge number of likes and retweet in his posts, people will view it positively. As a person, you might think that he is an influencer and people look up to him when it comes to reviews. That is where social proof enters.


This is the reason why a lot of company right now focus on building their name with the help of influencers. For those who are not familiar, influencers can be an ordinary person, not a celebrity, that has a strong following regarding their social media accounts. Through this, they may be able to persuade a lot of people, especially their followers.

Wants to be updated with the trends

Who doesn’t want to be left out, right? In this generation, which is the younger one, the more updated you are the cooler you are. Even in interviews, you need to prove the interviewer that you have an edge over others. You need to show them that you know better than others. And, this is the reason why you can be easily persuaded by the power of social media every day.

However, there are times that social media has been a place where it could influence you in any way possible. It can affect how you view things and it could be a platform for building your way of understanding. The power of social media is not a joke. That is why a lot of people are using it for their own good and sometimes, for the negativity of others.


In a generation where everything is possible because of the power of social media. It will never be a surprise if marketing strategies will be social media overpowered. Generation Z is one of the generations that are currently dominating the market. It is really possible that in just one post, one or two of your friend might be persuaded by your post about a certain product.


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