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Retreat or treat: Learn How to De-stress in a World of Work Loads


In a world where you think that everything exhausts you, knowing how to keep yourself away from negativity is essential. You have two options when it comes to how to de-stress yourself. First, you can treat yourself by buying your favorite food. Second, you can have a healing trip alone or with your friends.

Not doing anything about your stress can affect how you work. Once you are burned out, and you continue to finish your task, chances are you will end up not being able to produce a quality result. If your outputs are not good, there is a possibility that you will do your task again. Below are the things that you can do to undo its effects on your body.

Take a deep breath


There are breathing exercises that you need to master to help you to how to de-stress. Above anything, this is the easiest thing to do since you do not need to have tools and equipment. Belly breathing, roll breathing, and morning breathing is some of the breathing exercises you can do. After you did these, make sure to notice the difference.

Do something you enjoy

If cooking is one of the things that you want to do, it can be one of the factors on how to de-stress yourself. Why don’t you try making your old habits again? Are you good at composing songs? Do you know how to bake? Start listening again to your favorite music. When you do the things you once did, you are also relaxing without even knowing it

Go on a hiking trail


Choose the place where you know you are capable of climbing. If you are choosing the mountain that has a lot of obstacles along the way, it will only add to your stress level. Walking in the park or a garden can help you increase your focus. Forget about your problems and continue with your strolling.

Get a massage

What is more relaxing than laying on the face down while other person massages you? According to the study entitled: The effect of aromatherapy massage with music on the stress and anxiety levels of emergency nurses: comparison between summer and winter. The study states that “Aromatherapy massage with music significantly reduced emergency nurses’ anxiety.”


Have a short breaks

Looking at the same computer for a long time can cause stress. Do you always get angry whenever you experienced lag? Are there times wherein you could not think clearly, and everything seems like a mess? If your answer is a resounding yes, there is a possibility that you have a computer stress syndrome.


Leave your computer screen for once a while. You can make the 20-20-20 rule to prevent eye strain. Stress can affect your eyes. That is why it is a must to give your eyes the importance that it needs.

Avoid social media

Give yourself a favor and try to deactivate your social networking sites. You may not be aware of this, but the posts can be the reason why you’re suddenly stressed out. For example, you are in a good mood, when you saw a tweet that contains negative contents, it might influence you.

Spending more time on these sites can be one of the reasons why you are missing out. Stop documenting everything in your social media. Taking photos as remembrance is okay. However, if you will let those apps steal your supposed-to-be vacation from stress, you will never enjoy it.


Having a clearer mind will help you in thinking of how to de-stress from the things that kept you insane these days. If you do not have extra time to go on a trip. Buy a notebook and write all your frustrations. Write the things you think are the reasons why you are burned out. After you have written everything, think of the ways on how you can eliminate what you feel.

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