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Relieve Your Stress: Dance Like No One’s Watching


Whether you have two left feet when it comes to dancing, as long as you feel like you are burned out, dance. According to a research, the dancer has a lower risk of developing brain problems and have a sharper mind. Dancing might be one of the enjoyable workouts that people can do. And, to some, it is not just a workout but it is how they express themselves.

Dancing is an art. There are a lot of dancers out there who use this platform in order to say what they wanted to say. Their choreography serves as their paint and the melody is their canvas. And, this is the reason why a lot of interpretative dancing are circulating in the internet. The kind of dance that tells a story through their movements.

Is dancing capable to relieve your stress? Yes, it does. Aside from that, here are the other benefits that you can get from dancing.

Reduces depression

Dancing is considered as a therapy for other people. When a person is in the process of depression treatment, they do not just sit down and wait for the result. There is a various range of ways to treat a person diagnosed with depression.


According to New Life Outlook, “dance therapy or dance/movement therapy (DMT) is a treatment for a number of conditions and is supported by extensive research and testing. The goal of DMT is to use movement and dance as a means of improving the individual’s emotional, cognitive, physical and social progress in the world.”

When it is hard for a person to express himself through words, he can use the movement of their body to speak for them. DMT can help you to communicate with your therapist even without saying anything.

Connects to your soul

For people who have been dancing ever since this can help you to go back to how you used to be. Take this, for example, if you were that little girl who enjoys dancing, you can use this to relieve your stress. How? Dance to that old song that means a lot to you. Maybe, the song in your first ever performance.


As what Katie Toohil, a dancer, said in her interview with Omega, “Dancing connects me to my soul and spirit by allowing me to use all parts of myself, from my body to my brain to my emotional being to my connection with my highest self.”

Another dancer, Toni Bergins, also said in the same interview, “I used to think I was a body, praying to a spirit source. But I realized on the dance floor that I am the soul. I am not a body with a soul. The music and I become one. I can jam out and feel that funky wildness and that spirit is me.”

Increases self-esteem

One of the reasons why you are stressed out is because you do not have trust yourself. You know you are capable. However, you don’t know if your capacity is enough to build that confidence. Dancing makes your fear turn into fun. You need to have fun while you are doing a choreography and through that, you will forget about the people around you.


Mastering a new choreography can help in boosting your confidence. For example, if you are in a dance class, you are one of the students who could memorize the dance routine easily. Through this, you may be able to feel like you did something better and that will give you an increase in your self-esteem.

You don’t need to follow any choreography. Just go with the beat of the music and everything else will just fall into place. Being a good dancer is a bonus but pouring your heart out is something that other dancers do not even have. Turn on your speakers. Wear something that will make you comfortable. Relieve your stress and start dancing like no one’s watching.

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