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Know the Difference: Brand Personality vs. Brand Identity


If you are curious about marketing or aspire to be a brand strategist, You may have seen the terms “designing a brand identity” and “making a brand personality” used interchangeably and assumed they meant the same thing. However, the reality is a bit more complex. While the creation of a brand identity is closely related to the design of a brand personality, it is in effect a separate entity.

If brand identification refers to the elements that a business uses to project an impression to its consumers, brand personality refers to the traits and emotions that customers identify with a brand. To learn more, let’s check out the following distinctions between Brand Personality and Brand Identity:


What is Brand Personality?

Your brand reflects who you are as an individual. It has a distinct identity that has developed over time as the brand has grown. While a brand’s name may evolve when it progresses through the stages of its life cycle, its personality will largely stay the same.

If your brand is a real person, you’d like to know what kind of attitude it has. Consider your brand as though it were alive right now; the attributes you owe it are its personality. It’s almost as though you’re bringing the name to life. A brand’s personality is a sequence of thoughts, feelings, and characteristics that can be assigned to it. It encompasses all a brand aspires to be.

The different phases of a brand’s growth, as well as how it communicates its message, are an important part of the brand’s personality. A brand’s personality also mirrors much like its target audience.


What is Brand Identity?

‘The most essential attribute is your identity, which must be safeguarded.’ A brand, like a human, also has an identity. This identity is something that a buyer remembers right away. Various elements of a brand’s personality are used to express its identity. A brand’s identification is created by its slogan, tagline, fonts, and color.

When it comes to product branding, it’s vital to remember that there’s another side of the business to recognize. This element is equally essential for the brand since it is what distinguishes it from others. 


Brand Personality vs. Brand Identity


Brand Image

Once we talk about a brand’s personality, we usually relate to its “voice,” which refers to the emotional context, intensity, and atmosphere projected by marketing material. To provide three examples, an enthralling tour guide, an insightful business specialist, and an encouraging companion all sound somewhat different, so each voice tone would speak to a different consumer group. 

The graphic elements that create your company in the minds and perception of your target customer are referred to as brand identity design. From the company’s distinctive logo to the color palette, online style, and font preferences included throughout your content, brand recognition allows consumers to remember your name once they see certain variations of elements. And the easier they remember or recall your brand, the most inclined you are to convert them into customers.

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Brand Presence

If the brand’s personality is a sound or “emotions” that transcends any part of your messaging, brand identity creation is communicated by a set of resources that provide it concrete expression. Lettering, newsletters, written collateral, advertisements, brochures, and every other aspect of the company that “impacts” the audience must all have that distinctive appearance.

Road signs, business colors, and some other layout features can be used on the front entries to the offices or different divisions to allow certain facades easy to identify as your brand. Most of the reasons you’ll see employees at major stores wearing shirts with their corporate logos on them are because of this. The clothing not only makes the employee visible to consumers in need of assistance, but it also acts as a daily reminder of the brand’s identity.


Brand Message

It’s worth noting that just because the terms “brand identity style” and “brand personality” have separate meanings doesn’t mean they can’t coexist. Not at all. Identity is a subset of personality, and it’s one of the main components in informing the public on what to expect from your brand.

To deliver a consistent, persuasive message, you must plan your brand identity to fit in parallel with other attributes of your brand personality. Companies may ensure that their company connects effectively by focusing on both brand identity creation and the different communication tools that place it in front of the general public.


Understanding the Difference

To simplify the matter,  brand personality is an emotional attribute associated with a brand, whereas brand identity is the rational component of a brand.

When the identity is very professional and serious, a company can’t have a funky personality. The imagery and the voice must work together. A few examples of brands with excellent brand identities are  Apple as sophisticated and minimalist, Red Bull as risk-taker, and Johnson & Johnson as a carer.

Brand personality and identity are unique and long-lasting. Both take a long time to develop. howIf you want to build a strong brand identity and personality, imagine yourself as somebody you’d want to spend the weekend with; it would be fun to have a brand as a friend with the personality traits you desire.



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