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How to Know If You Have Health Problems? Look Into Your Eyes


Having issues about your health can be very frustrating in different ways. And, that is why it is essential that you have an idea on how to determine that you are having health troubles. Technology is not the only one who is innovating, even the world of medication is also evolving.

According to the Federal National Eye Institute’s Dr. Rachel Bishop, she is not surprised at the results of the study. Bishop even added that if a person has unhealthy retinal blood vessels, it is also possible that the blood vessels in the brain are unhealthy, too.

In addition, Dr. Rachel stated that “the blood vessel supply is essential to all function, the function of all organs, and so if the blood vessels are unable to do their job, there’s no way that the brain can be functioning as well as a brain that has a good supply.”

Based on the explanations that doctors have, it is possible that health problems can be detected just by looking at your eyes. Here are some of the issues that doctors might discover through your eyes.

Develops signs of thyroid disease

Just by looking in the eye of the person, you will know that they are experiencing a disease that is related their thyroid glands. The thyroid is the one who controls the hormones. In order to produce teardrops, your hormones must be in good condition or else you might end up developing dry eye disease.


When a person has a Graves’ eye disease, there is a possibility that your eyes might enlarge and become stiff. And this is because of the reason that the muscle known to control the movement of your eyes, extraocular muscles, is being halted by the thyroid disease from functioning properly.

If the tissue around your eyes is being attacked by the disease, it can lead to eye problems such as puffiness, irritation, eyelids are difficult to close due to the bulging of your eyes, and it can also cause swelling, inflammation, redness, and pain.

Detects diabetes or high blood pressure

Retinopathy can lead to other chronic health conditions. By looking at your eyes, the doctor was able to know that you are experiencing hypertensive retinopathy. It is known as high blood pressure. If there are changes in retinal blood vessels, a person might experience the said condition. The formation of arcus, a white ring, in the outer edges of the cornea is the sign of having high cholesterol.


Knowing the condition of your blood vessel supply is vital to make all your organs function. Health issue is early detected, it will be easier for the experts to cure it. When there is a fluctuation in vision, it might be possible that you have diabetes.

If the blood sugar is out of control, there might times that people experience changes to the lens of their eyes. The changes to the lens can impact the vision of the person who has diabetes. Dr. Justin Bazan, an optometrist, stated that general aging is the reason why you experience poor vision but it could be because of uncontrolled systemic disease.

Predicts risks for memory loss

As what Jennifer Deal, an assistant scientist in Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health explained, “The eyes are the windows to the brain because the vasculature within the retina and the brain are so similar.” Notice how connected the brain and the eyes are. It is vital to know everything about this so that people will know what to do.

Viewing the blood vessels on the brain can be difficult for the doctors to see. Dementia and Alzheimer’s happen when there is an existence of small blood vessel blockage in the brain. However, it will be not easy for the experts to detect if there are any defects in your blood vessel.

Deal added that even if the doctors will use Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), it is nearly impossible to see the changes that found in the brain’s small blood vessels. Since the blood vessels of the eyes are very similar to the brain’s. Both anatomically and physiology, viewing your eyes could give the doctors an idea of the changes that might probably be occurring in the blood vessels of the brain.

predicts-risks-of-memory loss

Taking care of your eyes is similar to paying attention to your health. Your body connects each other. That is why it is vital that you need to be careful with what you are eating. Make sure that you are giving your body the right amount and kinds of food to make it function well.

Your eyes are the windows to your brain. If ever you detected some changes, you need to make sure to visit your ophthalmologist as soon as possible. Through this, you may be able to prevent and fight against other health issues.

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