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Reduce Transportation Barrier: Doctors Can Call Uber Health for Help


Whether you deny it or not, transportation is one of the factors why there are causes of delay during health emergencies. For people who do not have a private car, being able to rush their family members to the hospital might end up tragically.

According to Medicaid Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT), “3.6 million approximate number of Americans who miss or delay medical care because of transportation issues”. The importance of having consistent transportation can bring a positive impact on the sector of healthcare management.

Good news is, doctors can call for Uber, under its Uber Health services. Aside from other health applications, the said service will help you to meet your medical checkup on time. They now have access to the said service, and that will help them to avoid delays during emergencies. Below are the reasons why professionals need to acquire this for their patients.

Treatment schedules are met

When a patient causes a delay, it could affect the appointment of the other patient next to him. It is vital that your schedules are met because it is similar to giving respect to others. Like you, they also have a lot of things to do. And this is where having an effective source of transportation took its part.

treatment schedules are met

Treatment schedules are essential to make sure you have well-maintained health. It is also a good thing that you know your health condition ahead of time. If your doctor requested you that you need to have a monthly checkup, you need to make sure that you meet them. If not, you might encounter some health issues.

As stated by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, when a person gets the right health services, they are a step closer in having a healthier and longer life.

Coordinates ride for patient

Doctors can make a schedule for their patient and the Uber Health drivers. The said company allows doctors of clinics, health centers, and hospitals to book a ride for their clients. Here are the ways on how to make it possible: the doctor will input the name of his patient, their number, pick-up, and top-off location. After giving the information, they can choose the vehicle type options.


Patients will receive a text message informing them that the medical facility booked a ride for them. Just like the regular Uber Health ride. They will get the information of the driver who will pick them up, the date, and their contact number. In addition, you will also be sent a link that will show you the destination of the car according to the web-based map.

Reduces appointment cancellations

If a patient misses his appointment schedule, some factors serve as the reason why they decided to cancel out. There are instances that they forgot to about the checkup. However, it must be one of the tasks of doctors to remind their patient. With the number of people living in urban areas, the most accessible mode of transportation is by riding a cab.


The question is, what if there are no vacant car? When the patient is already late for his appointment, he might only end up ditching or reschedule his appointment. But, with the presence of Uber Health, it is not a problem anymore, and the doctors are sure that their patients won’t forget or ditch their appointments.

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