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8 Tweets That Will Make You Appreciate Yourself More


There are times in your life wherein you are down and you don’t know what to do anymore. You suddenly want to quit, distance yourself from other people, and to think about how unlucky you are as a person. As what the line from a movie said, “crying is good for your soul”. If you could not cry, might as well talk to a friend.

Some of you may have anything to vent out their frustrations in life. It might be on your private social media account or your blog site which you don’t want to let other people know. If you are old school, you might probably opt for a notebook or a diary.  Some of them even listen to their favorite songs. However, if these things are not for you, maybe this one can make you feel better about who you are and what you are.

Social media has been a bit toxic these days. There are a lot of negativities that you can get. But, despite those posts that will only give you darkness, there are still people out there who are willing to share their simple joys and to be one of your rays of sunshine.










If you are interested in what Demi Lovato posted on her Instagram account in which made Sofia tweeted and appreciated the post. Below is the full caption of what Demi posted:

Please be aware that these people also have their shares of troubles and problems. Sometimes, they also get to lower down their self-esteem, but they still managed to go on with their lives. Why? It is because they know the importance of “appreciate yourself.”

Never let yourself despise who you are and what you are. It is okay to feel like no one wants to be with you. It is okay to feel that you are fragile. Being sad is okay. After all, you will never feel how it is to feel lonely if everything’s going on so well. You will never think that how it is to be strong if you will not let yourself to be broken. And, you will never know what happiness is if you always have the best things in life. 

You may not be okay, but someday, soon, you will be. Trust me. Like the most of them, you will, too.  

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