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Value Yourself: Never Let People Define You by Your Kilo


Every day, you are being bombarded by advertisements. As you go out for a walk, you will see posters of people who are fit. While you are on your way home, you will see huge billboards about losing weight. Those things, whether you like it or not, can affect your choices and how you value yourself.

A lot of people have been teasing and calling you names. Maybe because of your weight or how you look like. And, that is one of the possible reasons why you are here. Searching for ways on how to reduce your weight and to slim down a bit. But, you know what, you need to stop that concept. The kind of idea wherein you let your kilogram define who you are as a person.

Cheer up. Value yourself. You do not need the validation of anyone. Just like what the outspoken advocate for body positivity, Jameela Jamil did. As she started the “I Weigh” movement that inspires a lot of women to be proud of who they are. Here some of the things that women weighed, and no, it’s not about numbers.


Due to all the advertisements, you see on every media platforms; you instantly get insecure. You end up asking yourself. Why aren’t you as beautiful as her? How can you slim down as fast as her? There are a lot of questions. However, you are the only one who needs to supply the answer.

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Bringing yourself down is one of the worst things you will ever do for yourself. When all the people lost faith in you, and when no one wants to save you, all you need is yourself. So what if they will stare at you just because you wear clothes that are considered “inappropriate” for your body figure? First of all, they don’t even know you. Girl, it’s time to slay that maxi dress.


Sometimes you forgot that you are blessed. You have a stable job you love. There are lessons you have learned as the year goes by. If you only care for what people think about you, it can affect how you do your job. It might be hard for you avoid it but please don’t hesitate to try. Learn to value yourself. Cut all your connections when you think that it’s starting to get toxic.

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If there is one thing you need to give yourself for free, it should be happiness. No matter how stressful you are at work, it will provide you with a boost to keep going. Don’t ever think of the people who scrutinize you. Think of your loved ones who always make sure they got our back. Not everyone is happy. Consider yourself blessed if you are few of the people who are happy.

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Untold stories

Everyone has their own stories to tell. Those kinds of stories that they are wishing to tell but couldn’t. However, because of this, they were able to go on with their lives. That is why it is essential to be kind to anyone. Even to your enemies. You’ll never know. Maybe they are also undergoing something terrible in their lives.

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You also have your stories that you don’t want to share. And those are things you’ve been carrying. Don’t think that you are fragile because honestly, you are one of the strongest persons out there. Always value yourself. Why? It’s because how you treat yourself is how you let other people treat you.

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