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6 Tips for Finding the Best Medical Jobs


After years and years of grueling medical school education and training, your time has finally come. The day has arrived when it’s officially time to ditch the pristine white school uniform and don the coveted lab coat of the doctor. (Not necessarily like the given scenario, but you get my point.) It’s time to find medical jobs.

Why should you find great medical jobs?

Finding good jobs for medical practitioners like you aren’t usually difficult tasks to tackle. But accepting a medical job is a major commitment, whether you care to admit it or not. It has either positive or negative repercussions that will last throughout your career.

Well, it looks like you’ll have to throw the word ‘easy’ out of the window. Finding the best physician jobs aren’t as simple after all. Every physician job seeker is met with pressure to find the best possible solution to achieve long-term positive outcomes.

Below, we listed 6 tips that will help you with finding the best medical jobs.

#1 Never underestimate networking

Networking is the same yesterday, today, and probably until forever. It is and always has been the best way to locate the best jobs, and medical jobs aren’t an exception. Every candidate has his or her own idea of the best job, but asking peers and peers of peers certainly can’t hurt.

The well-networked candidate who knows somebody, and knows someone who knows somebody else is more likely to get the best-offered jobs.

#2 Do an online job search

Online job searches are popular, not to mention rampant. It’s no different when you’re looking for specific jobs — like medical jobs. Take some time to scour the world wide web for specialized job searches dedicated to medical practitioners.

Utilizing the power of the internet allows candidates to conveniently browse and apply to a wide variety of jobs. In addition, most of these specialized job-search sites also allow hospitals and healthcare groups to reach a large audience of medical job seekers.

#3 Physician job fair

Specialized online searches and specialized networking. Specialize everything. Take part in physician job fairs. They work for everything else, so there’s no reason it shouldn’t work with specialized work areas like physicians.  

Look at job fairs as your excellent opportunity to meet employers face to face. You can do this without the pressure of an overly formal employment application. Attending job fairs increases your chances of being hired on the spot, and if you’re lucky enough, maybe even get a callback on the same day.

#4 Explore geographical options

If you’ve already tried the methods listed above to no avail, don’t lose heart. It’s perfectly possible that the job you’re looking for — and the job that’s right for you — doesn’t exist in your current location. So consider looking into other places. Be open to job opportunities in other cities — even in other countries.

Consider areas that would be perfect for you and your hobbies, or look for places where family ties exist. This makes living conditions easier. Many medical practitioners end up finding perfect jobs in areas they never considered in the first place.

#5 Find other job alternatives in the meantime

If nothing seems to be working — even the geographical expansions, then don’t lose hope just yet. You’re probably looking in the wrong direction. Don’t be afraid to try out other jobs present in the medical field.

Try applying for a job at clinics. These options include wound care, palliative care, primary care, emergency medicine, and a whole lot more. Non-clinical options worth considering can include medical research and jobs that play into your hobbies. Don’t be apprehensive with starting small. Many great things come from these.

#6 Locum Tenens

You can consider working as a locum tenens physician for a while too. Locum tenens gives you the opportunity to experience a range of practice conditions and locations. In the process of doing this, you may even determine what the best job for you would be. There’s also the advantage of good pay and lodging. Some locum tenens jobs even include the option for permanent placement if you “fit” the job role well.

best physician jobs

The Takeaway

Job searches take time and patience. There are times where you’re dream job isn’t available in the meantime, and you’ll have to settle for other options. Give it time and endless perseverance, and pretty soon, who knows?

You might be living your dream job and having the time of your life too.

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