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6 Everyday Things You Do That Is Considered An Exercise


One of the many reasons that people foregoing their workout regimen is that they don’t have time to do any. “I don’t have time to exercise today, maybe I should just be doing it tomorrow.” Having no time to workout makes people “miss” their schedule and usually forgets about it.

It has become a notorious excuse to escape and skip doing the exercises that leave people hot, sweaty and miserable. But what if I tell you that exercises don’t have to be miserable for you?

What if, somehow, you still managed to do workouts without having to go to the gym while you are rushing to do your daily activities for the day? Yes, it is possible to be able to lose calories while doing common and ordinary everyday activities.

Here are a few activities that count as exercise for you to remember the next time you think that you have no time to exercise.


It is a well-known fact that walking is actually the simplest way to workout. What’s more, this is also the cheapest form of workout which doesn’t require you to have anything aside from you, good walking shoes that elevate the heel and… well, yourself.

It is also one of the best introduction to the exercising world which can be adjusted from low to high intensities. Walking improves and tones leg muscles and the glutes and can be done inside or outside the house. It is also found that brisk walking is a very nice alternative from going to the gym.

Furthermore, whenever you have a bad mood, feeling anxiety and/or depression, walking can improve mood. It is recommended to walk at least 10, 000 steps every day in order to stay fit and healthy.


Taking The Stairs

Walking may be the easiest and accessible exercise existing that beginners and experts still partake in, however, you can always take a step up. Literally. Taking the stairs gives a whole new set of benefits. This is because of the elevation of your path which makes you double your efforts due to gravity.

It is found that walking the stairs burns three times more calories than walking on a straight and flat surface. In order to gain the most of what walking or running up the stairs can give, it is advisable to do it 30-60 minutes, three to five days a week.

Climbing the stairs, however, is not for everyone. Unlike walking, climbing the stairs can really take a toll on people suffering from heart conditions, and for those who have knee, hip and ankle problems.


For those who have a green thumb and opts to do gardening as an excuse to skip the gym, here’s good news for you! There are many benefits that gardening can offer and it’s not just beautifying your home and give you food. No, because gardening can also help you lose weight.

Most people see gardening as a hobby but that hobby can be their ticket to a leaner and fitter versions of themselves. Digging up the soil, weeding, planting, and watering are a few of the sweat-inducing activities that you can do while gardening.

Exercise is done by doing all of those, giving major workout on your arms, legs, glutes, stomach, neck, and back. You get fitter, healthier, your home gets a make-over and you’ll have fresh food waiting for you in your backyard. What more could you want?



Fast food and restaurants seem to be on every corner. It is so easy to fall for the temptation to skip cooking and opt to eat out or delivery. But will you still be able to take-out when I tell you that cooking meals help lose weight?

But why do people want to escape cooking? Cooking requires too much effort and takes time. But that’s the one thing that cooking has that promotes weight loss. With all that chopping, prepping ingredients, standing and moving around the kitchen, you get to give your hands, arms, and legs a workout.

When cooking your own meals, you get to know what goes into your food, whether they are healthy or not. You get to ensure the freshness of each and every ingredient which promotes healthy eating compared to processed food in fast food chains.

Playing Video Games

Video games were created for the entertainment of people. To be able to live and assume an identity in a fantasy adventure universe that the real world can’t offer is the goal.

However, no, I don’t mean those video games when you get to spend the day sitting with your eyes glued to the TV and your fingers are the only ones that move. But yes, video games can help you lose weight. Gamers and game enthusiasts out there will finally be able to get up and get moving from sitting all day.

Consoles that supports movement sensors such as Kinect, Nintendo Wii and Move are a few examples that games can help people to lose weight and have fun at the same time.



Everyone doesn’t want to clean or do chores. It’s exhausting and requires a lot of work. But isn’t that what you describe a workout at the gym though?

Another way of thinking to get into the cleaning mood, clean the house and lose weight in the process. Vacuuming and sweeping the floor are a few chores that can help you lose weight. Cleaning your house can also help relax your mind and some even considered it therapeutic.

Whether you are cleaning your home, washing your car or doing the backyard, cleaning has fitness, environmental and health perks. Not only will you get to have a cleaner and lovely-looking home, you will also get to be leaner, healthier and sexier.

The Takeaway

Exercising doesn’t always have to be present in the gym. It also doesn’t have to be considered as such when you did it on a certain timetable and schedule. Exercise can be done whenever, wherever you are. Therefore, saying something that you have no time to exercise is useless, you will do that anyway by doing chores and other mundane things.

However, it doesn’t mean that those activities are considered exercise just so you can gorge yourself on junk food. Remember, it’s not about eating less food, it’s about eating the right kind of food. Bear in mind that what you eat contributes more when losing weight compared to exercise.

Eat right. Use these exercises when you don’t have time. Reach your weight loss goal and get healthy.

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