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Tabata Workout: Burn Fats in Just 4-Minutes


Looking for a workout routine that can create impact on your aerobic and anaerobic systems might be hard. However, you don’t need to worry because you can now incorporate the tabata workout. This kind of workout was discovered by Dr. Izumi Tabata, a Japanese scientist. He did this with his team of researchers form the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo. \

Tabata training was formed due to the research they conducted on two groups of athletes. According to, “The first group trained at a moderate intensity level while the second group trained at a high-intensity level”. The title of the study was ‘Effects of moderate-intensity endurance and high-intensity intermittent training on anaerobic capacity and VO2max’.

At the end of the research, the aerobic or cardiovascular system of the first group increased. The problem is, their anaerobic or muscular system only showed little or no results. On the other hand, the second group had an increase both in their aerobic and anaerobic systems. This is where the tabata workout originated.

You may ask, why you need to include this kind of workout to your daily routine. Here are the reasons why.

Only lasts for four minutes


If you are the kind of person who only have a little time to work out, this is the perfect routine for you. It is like you are listening to a one song and you are done. But, in that four minutes, you don’t do easy routines, unlike the one you see in a normal workout. In tabata workout, you need to endure the pain. You need to ensure that you truly have the strong stamina for this training.

As stated by Active, “You push yourself as hard as you can for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. This is one set. You’ll complete eight sets of each exercise”. Here’s the usual phases of the tabata training:

  • Work out hard for 20 seconds
  • Rest for 10 seconds
  • Complete 8 rounds

Produces better results

According to American Council on Exercise, “The body is most efficient at producing ATP through aerobic metabolism; however, at higher intensities when energy is needed immediately, the anaerobic pathways can provide the necessary ATP much more quickly.”produces-better-results

In addition, “This is why we can only sustain high-intensity activity for a brief period of time—we simply run out of energy”. And this is the reason why your body needs to have a high intensity workout.

Kristina Earnest, a group fitness manager, said in her interview with Men Fitness, “In a time where most people are searching for efficient and effective workouts, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) techniques such as Tabata are ideal.”

If you are worried of the ways that may look hard for you. There are a lot of tabata workout or routines that are suited for your body built. Some of it does not only limit on what the men can do. This is the kind of workout that caters any gender. Below are some of the tabata samples that you can add to your daily routine.

  • Broad jump to fast feet
  • Jump squat
  • Lateral lunge to knee drive
  • Lunge Chop
  • Mountain climber to Single leg push up
  • Squat thrust to Frog jump
  • Skater to Curtsy Lunge
  • Russian Twist
  • Plank With a Row


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Giving tabata training a try can bring an upgrade on how you workout. If you will only limit yourself with the workouts that you were used to, the changes might not be that progressive enough. All you have to do is to take time to talk with your instructor if the tabata workout is suited for you or not.

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