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STD Home Testing – Advantages for your Future


It has never been more crucial to comprehend the dangers, symptoms, and treatments of STIs and STDs given the rising frequencies of several of these conditions.

While many routine exams were postponed due to the pandemic, the prevalence of several prevalent STDs remained steady. A recent analysis from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of 2020 statistics found that gonorrhea incidence and syphilis rates both continued to rise.

We are aware that untreated or recurrent STIs can disrupt fertility, particularly in those who already experience chronic pelvic pain, pelvic inflammatory disease, or fallopian tube damage, which increases their risk of infertility in the future or ectopic pregnancies.

Since many STDs don’t manifest any symptoms, getting tested is the only surefire way to determine whether you are infected. If untreated, several treatable STDs can be harmful. Chlamydia and gonorrhea, for instance, can make it difficult or impossible for a woman to become pregnant later in life if they are not treated. If you have an untreated STD, your risk of contracting HIV also rises. If left untreated, some STDs, like HIV, can be lethal.

Certain STDs do produce symptoms. The following symptoms, which vary depending on the type of STD, may indicate that you need to be tested:

std home tests 2

  • Painful urination
  • Pain during sex
  • Unusual odor in vaginal discharge
  • Vaginal itching
  • Discharge and/or itching from the penis
  • Sores or bumps in the genital or rectal area

Things other than STDs may be responsible for all of these symptoms (like pimples, UTIs, or yeast infections). Therefore, the only way to know for sure what’s going on is to get tested.

The majority of the time, people with STDs don’t have any symptoms, so it’s impossible to know if you have one based just on how you feel or look. Therefore, getting yourself tested is the only surefire way to find out if you (or your partner) have an STD.

If you’ve had unprotected sexual contact or learn your partner has an STD, it’s very crucial to be tested. You can ask a doctor or nurse whether you need to get tested for STDs.

It’s better to find out as soon as possible if you DO have an STD. Even though you currently feel completely normal, some STDs can eventually lead to major harm. Regardless of whether you have any symptoms, STDs can still spread to other persons you have intercourse with.

According to research, social stigma places a significant hurdle in the way of STI testing, which leads to a low uptake of preventative measures. At-home STI test kits, which enable a person to take a sample at home rather than at a clinic, have proliferated in recent years, making testing more accessible and alluring to people who might avoid visiting to a clinic because of stigma or embarrassment.

Having access to STI testing at home has been useful throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. For instance, those who use PrEP, a drug that aids in HIV prevention, must undergo routine testing. At the beginning of the pandemic, giving patients home tests reduced the exposure risk to COVID-19 for both patients and nursing personnel without obstructing patient treatment.

Read on to learn some of the ADVANTAGES OF USING HOME TEST KITS. 

  1. Comfort

People can use STD testing kits to check for STDs in a setting that is comfortable for them. They are able to perform their own swabs and sample collection, so there is no chance that a nurse or doctor will hurt them. STD testing kits may make it possible for people who have anxiety or have a phobia of going to the doctor to utilize testing services that they would not otherwise be able to use.

  1. Convenience 

It can take time to visit a clinic for STD testing. Many people are unable to visit clinics during business hours since they must be at work then. Some people may find it difficult to schedule time off from work, travel to the clinic, or even pay to park their car while they attend an appointment due to these fees.

People can now obtain STD testing kits online and have them delivered to their homes as an alternative. After collecting the sample, they can simply re-mail the testing kit and wait for the findings. A trip to a sexual health clinic or doctor is much more difficult to fit into a busy schedule than this straightforward testing procedure.

  1. Privacy

Despite the fact that being tested for STDs is a normal and responsible practice, many people feel uncomfortable doing so. Maximum privacy is provided by STD testing kits, which do not require face-to-face communication. There is no need to worry about unpleasant conversations with roommates or family members because all STD testing kits are delivered to the home in discrete packaging.

  1. Accuracy

Some consumers are concerned that STD testing kit findings won’t be as accurate as those provided by a doctor or nurse. In actuality, many test-kits include the identical instruments that the NHS employs for testing. The testing kits have been made to be user-friendly and come with detailed instructions. When deciding whether to seek treatment or refrain from sexual activity, consumers can rely on these tests’ highly accurate results.

  1. Peace of mind

You can relax and enjoy life if you have peace of mind knowing that you are STD-free. Being a responsible partner in any sexual relationship is also made possible by knowing that you are STD-free. Taking steps will assist you avoid spreading the infection to someone else if one or both partners have an STD.

One of the suggested home STI test kits is the Lab-Away Safe Sex Bundle, which includes tests for the five most prevalent STDs that are spread throughout Europe: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Hepatitis-B, and HIV/AIDS.

The following items are included in each Safe Sex Lab- Away Bundle:

  1. Chlamydia AG Test Cassette
  2. Gonorrhea  AG Test Cassette
  3. Syphilis  AB Test Cassette
  4. HIV ½ AB Test Cassette
  5. HBSAG (Hepatitis-B) Test Cassette

You’ll also find a complete set of instructions, a cup for collecting urine, and lancets for obtaining safe and sterile blood inside the package. You should enjoy a pleasant and easy testing experience, according to Lab-Away. To enable you to take the test as soon as you have them, we are giving you everything you need.

Lab Away is an authorized and approved seller of home test kits for medical purposes in the EU. Our tests feature unmatched levels of privacy and security along with exceptional accuracy and dependability. No samples may be returned. We firmly believe that having access to reasonably priced and accurate testing will significantly aid people in accurately determining their current state of health and encourage them to seek assistance as soon as feasible.

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