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Looking for an Answer to Stay Healthy? Don’t Quit Sugar


Trying to be healthy and active need to have some change in nutrition. It is difficult to change your lifestyle; however, it is more difficult if you will be going to immune yourself with too much sugar. What stated in the first two sentence of this article is what we perceived about sugar–it is bad for our health, and we need to quit eating those kinds of food.


Sugar is not a villain when it comes to your health. When you label food regarding the beneficial factors, you might develop eating disorders. How can it be possible for you to develop disordered eating when you just want to avoid sugars?

Anorexia and bulimia are results of eating disorders. Some factors cause your body to experience such health issue. It can be because of cultural, genetic, environmental, biochemical, and psychological.

Even before, there has been a label for each group, if it is bad or good for you. You have a higher risk of obtaining this since there are things that your culture is telling you and one of them is that sugar is bad for your health. Here are the reasons why you should not quit sugar.

Provides energy to your body

Without sugar, you might be able to develop problems in terms of how your body functions. Fruits and vegetables could not release enough dopamine similar to what sugar can give. When you eat food that contains sugar, it can help you release dopamine which is the feel-good chemical. Sugar serves as the fuel of your body that helps you to obtain the energy that you need.


If you will going to avoid sugar all your life, would you feel happy about it? Maybe yes, maybe no. But to people who have made chocolate, sodas, and other sugary food as their source of energy, it might be quite hard for them. Don’t quit sugar yet if your doctor said that you have a healthy body and still add nutritious food in your balanced diet.  

Improves your mental health

Like what other people say, eating nutritious food will make you healthy. However, they forgot that you also need to pay attention to how you deal with your mental fitness. If you are depriving yourself of the food that you like. It will create a difference in the psychological aspects, which is also as important as your physical health.


Never take your mental health for granted. If there is something you want to eat such as a slice of chocolate cake or ice cream, eat it. Always make sure to keep everything in moderation. Too much is not good for your health. Observe your food intake before you continue with your another slice of cake or scoop of ice cream.

Avoiding sugar and other food that is said to be bad for your health is more stressful. There are a lot of things that you can do if you are burned out. Your body seeks for comfort food, and that is where binge eating starts. Eating in moderation helps, don’t quit sugar.

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