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Struggling to Stay Fit Due to College Deadlines? Follow This Outdoor Fitness


If you are a student, most especially, if you are in college, you will get a lot of pressure. Apart from pressure, stress is inevitable to happen. From the requirements, projects, reports, research papers, and deadlines that you need to comply or else you will fail. It is not possible that you will end up burned out.

Due to these situations, it is essential to recharge ourselves and to be able to de-stress. Keeping yourself sane is vital if you want to finish your studies. Above anything, you need to make sure that your mental health is in good condition. How will you be able to make sure that you know how to de-stress yourself? EXERCISE.

You read it right. You do not need to hit the gym to do that since it will be way as exhausting as college life. Why? Let these reasons answer your questions.

Saves you money

Being a college student, you need to have enough money to supply your needs. However, if you are the type of person who also wants to go to the gym, doing outdoor fitness is a good alternative. Managing your expenses while you are studying is hard. There are times where your allowance is not enough. To be able to solve your problem, go out with your friends and exercise together.


Nature heals you

Never underestimate the healing power of nature. If you want to release the feel-good hormones in your body, go out and exercise. According to a study from the University of Queensland, Australia. The researchers found that people who do outdoor fitness regularly, they may be able to get higher levels of serotonin.

Serotonin is one of the important neurotransmitters. Lower serotonin level can lead to depression and anxiety. It helps in contributing to your happiness and overall well-being. And, this is the reason why it is called as the happy chemical.

Gets enough vitamin D


Once you do exercises early in the morning, you may be able to get the vitamin D that your body needs. There are two ways to give your body a vitamin D. You can get it from taking supplements with vitamin D and by exposing your skin from the sun. The more you get your body exposed, you will be going to get more of vitamin D.

Burns more calories

Doing your routine outside have a lot of benefits than getting boxed inside the gym. There is a review entitled: Does Participating in Physical Activity in Outdoor Natural Environments Have a Greater Effect on Physical and Mental Wellbeing than Physical Activity Indoors?

According to the said review, “compared with exercising indoors, exercising in natural environments was associated with greater feelings of revitalization and positive engagement, decreases in tension, confusion, anger, and depression, and increased energy.”

In another research, A 1% treadmill grade most accurately reflects the energetic cost of outdoor running. It was stated in the result that road runners can burn more calories when running, even if it has the same speed than treadmill runners. And, this happens because of the resistance from the wind that they encountered.

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