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In a World Full of Rush: Value the Art of Waiting


At their early 20s, you can still see a lot of people trying to rush things. There are so many plans, goals, and dreams they want to achieve in just a short period. Making timelines, schedules, and standards when it comes to the things that you want to happen in your life is good but to expect that you will go to get it as soon as possible is another story.

Young adults don’t know that life move at a slower pace. It doesn’t need to be rushed. But why do some people want everything to be done according to what they want? However, we couldn’t blame them for having those things. Here are the reasons why you are rushing.

Fear of being judged

You have a lot of people who serve as your critics. Whatever you do, you are always judged. People are seeking for self-importance. And, this is the reason why they want to finish everything instantly. Most especially to people who were deemed to be an achiever back when they were still younger.  But after getting in college, everything changes.


You are only a twenty-something, even if you are beyond the mentioned age, figuring out your life is not a necessity. So what if you don’t know what you want to do in your life at this point? Keep your cool and relax. You still have a lot of time to figure out what you want and who you want to become.

Feeling of being excluded

Your friends are starting to get into serious relationships. Every time you attend reunions, you are the only person who doesn’t have someone to cling with. When this situation happens, you end up being drowned in insecurity. You start to ask yourself why no one is attracted to you. Apart from relationships, your career is not upgrading.

Being left out is not just a situation. It is also an emotion. There are feelings involved. You are not excluded, you are the only one who wants to separate yourself. The world doesn’t revolve around getting a boyfriend. You don’t need to have something that other people have. Learn to value the art of waiting. Why? Because all that you want will fall into place.

Comparing self to others

Not just to people your age. Remember when you are still in high school? If only you counted the times you want to be in college, and if you will convert it into cash, you are already a millionaire. You want to level up in just a snap. However, you forgot that as you go higher in life, your responsibilities will get more loaded than ever.


Due to the reason of comparison, people tend to create a perception that once they attain the same achievement that a particular person had, they will also have the same. This may break your heart, but no. You will not. The main reason is that you are doing that to meet your expectation of the people around you. Learn to appreciate yourself first.

Do the things that you want, not of other people. You don’t need to please other people by rushing. Everyone has their own time to shine. You will have your spotlight. Maybe not now but eventually you will.

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