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Pick Quality Daycare: Focus on Child’s Cognitive Development


Never take the first school of your child for granted. Every first time of your child will always be memorable to them. Whenever your kid experiences a situation for the first time, ensure that it will not change the way they perceive such things. For example, if you will not be serious about the way you choose the school where your kid will be enrolled, it might create a problem.

You may not be aware of it but choosing the wrong daycare centre can become a horrible experience for your kid. The childcare will be the one who will hone your child’s cognitive skills. If there are things you need to pay attention to, it will be about choosing the daycare centre that will help you improve the development of your child.

Quality doesn’t always mean you need to send them to an expensive school. Not because something is of the high price, it is already better than others. If you have this kind of mindset, you need to reanalyze everything. Following are the factors that a quality childcare centre need to provide in order to improve your child’s cognitive development.

Identify sounds and noises


Before your child gets to be familiar with words, the first thing they will be aware of are the sounds and noises. Your child needs to identify any of the sounds that they get to hear every day. A teacher that comes from the right daycare centre has the ability to assist your child in recognizing everything. It can be a random thing or the sounds they get to hear in a zoo.

Giving chance to practice

A dedicated teacher won’t get tired of teaching your kid the lesson they need to learn. If you are a parent, you need to make sure if the staff on your child’s school knows how to be patient with their students. If not, maybe it’s time for you to withdraw your child. Finding a new childcare centre is easier than letting your kid be stuck without any development.

  • Knowing the alphabet
  • Practice counting
  • Recognize shapes and colours

According to Scholastic, “most children learn to recognize letters between ages 3 and 4. Typically, children will understand the letters in their name first. It might be hard to teach kids who are still in their toddler age but partnering with the quality childcare centre in Edmonton will make everything easier.

Visiting fascinating places

There are a lot of exciting parks and places in the urban and rural areas. Choosing a daycare centre who focuses more on learning outside the classroom creates an impact on the cognitive development of your kid. It can also improve the way they think about arts. If there will be some field trips, your child will get more interested since they may be able to see everything live.

fascinated-with places

As stated in National Endowment for the Arts, “museums offer a dynamic opportunity to expose children to experiences and explore new things in a rich and educational environment. Through interactive exhibits and hands-on play, children can take ownership of their learning and develop and explore their curiosities. This unique exposure provides the foundation for creativity, critical thinking, and connection to the world around them.”

To help you with the cognitive development of your child, you need to have a list of the possible quality daycare centre you want them to be enrolled. Kids are curious, and they want their questions to be answered. Never cage your child, always pay attention to the things that will help them to learn faster.

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