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Improve Patient Experience: Give Way to Digital Solution


As the technology evolves, it is vital that the health department must also upgrade. For example, the innovation did by Uber. These technology innovations will help the patients to gain a humane experience. It is essential for the medical establishments to enhance their digital tools. Why? It’s because it is not just for their patients’ benefit but also of their benefit as well.

Explained by Massachusetts Medical Society, “Virtual reality capability is rapidly shifting into a custom-designed virtual experience that would allow them to be “virtually” home. With their families or in their favorite place at the end of their life”. Which is a good approach for the patient that is far from their family.

Here are the reasons why we need to give digital solution the opportunity to help the patients.

Ability to be monitored well

If it will be easier for the patient to have their appointments being scheduled online. Why? First, it will not cause problems for them. They will have the chance to know whether the doctor is available or not. Also, this will be easier for the doctor to monitor their patient’s progress. They will be able to know which patients rarely visit them for appointments.


Having a successful patient experience online will give them convenience. Apart from that, they may be able to minimize the effort they give. For example, if the clinic is fully-book on a specific day, they will be able to proceed to the next date that is available.

World Health Organization states that “Patient monitoring is the routine collection, compilation, and analysis of data on patients at every visit over time, using information taken directly from paper forms or entered into a computer. Patient monitoring is often referred to as ‘patient tracking’.

Enhances patient experience

According to AdvancedMD, “Technology is a key enabler of a patient journey’s success. Independent practices can leverage it to successfully enhance and elevate the patient experience and overall patient outcomes.”


These are the possible things that you can give to your patients once you innovated their virtual experience, as listed by AdvancedMD:

  • Sends appointment reminders
  • Convenient ways to complete the processing of documents
  • Ensures the satisfaction of the patients
  • Focuses on the patient’s specific issues and needs

Avoids lapses and missed diagnosis

Complete data means a lot to the doctors and patients. If you have misplaced your documents, it will only cause hassle to your patients. That is why, some doctors opted to put everything online, aside from putting it in their record book. In order to avoid some lapses and to be able to miss the diagnosis you give, make an effort to put it online.


Having your physical record is great since it does not have a tendency to be deleted. However, for the convenience of your patients, it is still better to have it posted online. Through this, they may be able to see their progress and the diagnosis they did.

According to Massachusetts Medical Society, “The future vision of healthcare experience and technology will be in a redesign, a reimagining, of just about every patient touch point”. There are bigger chances we are able to build new ways to provide support. We have the capacity to help the patient have an innovative to make everything easier.

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