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No One Understands What You Feel? Know These Reasons First


Have you been in a situation wherein you feel like you are alone? To make it clear, even if you know you have a lot of friends, you still end up enduring the pain, you feel inside? You are not alone. Just in case nobody told you this one yet, there are a lot of people who feel the same way that you do. The thing is, it’s not exactly what you feel.

A lot of times you have told yourself that it’s okay. However, you always end up overthinking. You feel like your thoughts are drowning you. In a situation where you needed saving, you end up reaching your hand to rescue them. You are everybody’s hero, but you forgot that heroes also need saving.

Now, breathe in, breathe out.

Before you go on with your life, please don’t forget that you can take a rest. Here are the reasons why you feel like no one understands your situation.

Building up too thick walls

When it comes to your problems, you tend just owning it. Maybe because you are too scared that you will end up being excess baggage of someone else’s life. No, you’re not. Perhaps you have been lied on. Maybe the most important person in your life was the reason why you screwed up. Maybe, maybe.


Why don’t you try breaking your walls from time to time? You might get hurt. But, that’s the reason why you exist. You need to learn from your mistakes to become a better person. You have your family, friends, and maybe a special someone to help you get through that.

Finds it hard to express

You don’t know where you need to vent out everything. If you will continue embracing your emotions, you will end up being eaten by it. Expressing it doesn’t usually involves talking about it. In some cases people write about it. Some people even turn their emotions into a song.


Have you noticed there are people who you can feel their emotions while they are performing? It’s because that’s one of their coping mechanism. If you find it hard to express it to other people, release it through the art form that you know. You don’t need to be a great singer or dancer to do it. You just need to be yourself. That’s the most important thing you need to to cleanse and protect your soul.

Afraid to bring negative vibes

Your best friends are known for being too funny and optimistic. Whenever you are altogether, you made sure that you will laugh and share humorous stories. That is why you think that it is much better to hide everything just not to ruin the mood. Hey friend, you are wrong. They also have their hardships. You can’t say that no one understands you when you haven’t told anyone yet.


If you think that you will only end up being the mood wrecker, why don’t you try talking to one or two of them. Pretty sure you are not alone. They also have their shares of problems, and just like you, they want someone to reach out to them. Make them feel that you are someone they can turn on time when life gets tough. It’s better to face all of these with a full-support system.

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