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Move Over K-products, Here Comes Korean Healthcare Traditions


No doubt that Korea is popular when it comes to effective skin products. With their endless lines of cosmetics and beauty products, there are surely a lot of things you can purchase. Why does Koreans have vibrant and glowing skin? Well, it is not just about what they put on their face. It is about what they eat as part of their balanced diet, their Korean healthcare traditions.

Good thing about Koreans is they know how to make use of their herbs and add it to the food they eat. Koreans know the importance of balance. Hanui is the term to call the practitioners of traditional oriental medicine. Korean healthcare traditions can also be called as Hanbang or Hanyak.

According to the study, Health and health care of Korean-American Elders, “The four most common treatment methods are acupuncture, herbs, moxibustion, and cupping. Korean patients may alternate between practitioners of Western and traditional Korean medicine although each type of practitioner may discourage patients from seeing the other.”

Ready your notes to list down the Korean healthcare traditions that you may want to include in your balanced diet.

Add beneficial herbs

Whenever you feel stressed out, have fever and colds, and you are not feeling well, you can use these herbs a part of the healing process. Including these herbs in your diet can get the equilibrium that you need.


Korean Ginseng

If you are burned out and could not find your focus, you may be able to use ginseng to fight these situations. It can help in reducing stress, enhance your concentration, regulates blood pressure, and increase stamina. Korean ginseng is the best in the world.

Licorice Root

Having peptic ulcer can be treated with the use of licorice root. And this is backed up by the study, entitled: The healing effect of licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) on Helicobacter pylori-infected peptic ulcers.



One of the healthiest spices in the world is ginger, also a superfood. And, that is why Koreans also have incorporated this in their traditional oriental medicine. It can help in lowering blood sugars and improves immunity against the risk of heart disease.


In a research, entitled: Anti-inflammatory effect of Pueraria tuberosa extracts through improvement in activity of red blood cell antioxidant enzymes, confirmed the effectiveness of this herbal medicine. If you are experiencing inflammation, puerariae is one of the effective Korean healthcare traditions you can use.


Presence of vegetables

If you are watching Korean dramas, reality shows, and variety shows, you will notice that everytime they eat, vegetables are always present. Have you seen how they wrap the rice and small meat in the vegetable and eat it right away? There are two kinds of this which is called as namool” and “saengche. You can pick if you want cold and raw or warm and steamed.

According to the study, entitled: Aesthetics of Korean foods: The symbol of Korean culture, “the characteristics of Korean food revealed in genre paintings and pansori of the Chosun Dynasty are discussed in four categories: food as a symbol of power, food as disease prevention and treatment, food as a medium to share affection, and food as a medium to communicate with God.”

In addition to that, “Going beyond material abundance, the core values of Korean food strive toward spiritual maturity, consideration for others, and balanced living.”



Aside from it is a good food to reduce acne and prevent wrinkles, Kimchi is a probiotic food. In a study made by the researchers in Pusan National University. “Health functionality of kimchi, based on our research and that of other, includes antioxidative and anti-aging properties, brain health promotion, immune promotion, and skin health promotion.”



Known as fermented rice wine. It has amino acids that will help keep your skin firm. If you want to  have a bright skin, it also has enough of vitamin B. Wanting to have a moisturized and nourished skin can be made possible by drinking makgeolli.

Depending only on beauty products may not give you long-lasting effects on your skin. However, if you will include Korean healthcare traditions, you may be able to achieve the poreless face that you want. Focusing on how your outer appearance and inner health is the combination you need to have a glowing and vibrant skin.


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