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Incorporate Mindfulness: Attain the Weight That You Want


How you perceive weight loss is your attitude throughout achieving the weight that you want. If you can make yourself fully aware of the present, what you are doing and where you are, you are practicing what mindfulness is. Being able to know what is going on in your environment will help you understand what and how to react to things.

To have the weight that you want, you need to stay focus and mindfulness will help you with that. Our mind tends to just go with the flow. You may be able to lose sight of your end goal if you do not know how to practice the art of returning to your recent mood.

According to Mindful, here are the ways on how to practice mindfulness: 1) take a seat, 2) set a limit, 3) notice your body, 4) feel your breath, 5) notice when your mind has wandered, and 6) be kind to your wandering mind. You know when to go away, and you know how to come back. And this is how you can practice mindfulness.  

Helps treat eating disorders

Sometimes, it is hard for you to achieve the weight that you want because you have disordered eating. If you experience this kind of situation, you are most likely to binge eat. You cannot control what you eat, or you may not eat anymore.


According to the study, Mindfulness-based eating awareness training for treating binge eating disorder: the conceptual foundation, “binge eating disorder (BED) is marked by emotional, behavioral, and physiological dysregulation in relation to self-identity and food intake.”

In addition, “mindfulness-based eating awareness training (MB-EAT). MB-EAT involves training in mindfulness meditation and guided mindfulness practices that are designed to address the core issues of BED.”

Pays attention to what you eat

When you are focused on your goal, which is to attain the weight that you want, you know how to manage what you eat. If you do not practice mindfulness, you might end up ruining the pattern of your balanced diet. Being aware of the things that happened to you by recollecting the past events, you may be able to prevent yourself from cheating on your diet.


In an example made by Watch Fit, you may be able to notice the sudden urge to eat unhealthy food when: 1) you are stressed, 2) you are lonely, 3) you have an experience that has become associated through repetition with the unhealthy eating, 4) you feel bored, 5) you don’t appreciate yourself, and 6) you seek comfort.

Being mindful affects your choices. Knowing what is good and what can ruin your balanced diet will help you to fulfill the weight that you want successfully. It helps you to know to analyze what is the food you need eat lesser. Also, the meal that will effectively make you lose weight.

Mindfulness helps you to be aware of the proper food intake that you need. When you already mastered restricting your thoughts, you are giving yourself a chance to eliminate stress. Since stress is one of the factors why you eat more than what it should be, you gain weight rather than losing it. And, this is how important being mindful is when it comes to being in good shape.

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