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Make Mistakes, Face Failures: Reasons Why You’re Scared


All your life, people have been calling you a good daughter, the best brother. However, as you grow up, it seems like the expectations of people also increase. As that kind of person, you are afraid that people will get disappointed in you. That is why you make sure to do everything to level yourself to their expectations. Which is inhumane anymore, in some ways.

You start to limit yourself from all the possibilities in the world. Taking risk is one of the things you are afraid to do. Since by being a risk taker, you don’t know what will happen next. You end up overthinking about the possibilities. What if you will end up failing and be a laughing stock? You have endless of what ifs because you are afraid to become a disappointment.

For you to face your failures, you need to be strong to deal with it. For you to find that strength, you need to know what factor you must change. Below are the reasons why you are afraid to make mistakes.  

Having too much negativity inside


When a person has a pessimistic mind, they end up overthinking everything. When a certain opportunity knocks on their door, they are scared to open it. They start to think all of the possibilities and situations wherein they believe will ruin them. Negativity starts to eat them alive without even knowing it.

If you are reading this, please remember that being optimistic won’t hurt. You may be worried because everytime you are happy; you eventually end up sad and alone inside your room. Don’t be afraid of happiness. Be afraid of sadness because it’s the kind of feeling that might screw everything about you.

Focuses more on ‘what ifs.’


Not everyone is a risk taker. To those who are courageous enough, I salute you. You are fearless and a firm believer. And, to those who are still scared, in case no one told you this yet: you are stronger than you ever thought. Never let other people think that you are weak because you are afraid to take a risk.

Aside from ‘what if,’ ‘if only,’ and ‘could’ve been’ are two of the painful phrases a person could ever put at the beginning of their sentences. You still have enough time. As long as you are alive, you still have the chance to change how your life should’ve been. Chances are unlimited, but not everyone wants to grab it because a lot of ‘what ifs’ have been lingering inside of them.  

Worry about people’s comments

If you let other people’s criticisms scare you, you are giving them the chance to control you. It is your life. You are the only person who must write your stories. When you start to let other people hold the pen for you, you might end up being caged by the words they say about you. Do what you love as long as you won’t hurt anybody. If you continue doing that, you are the one who’s hurting yourself.


Avoid being someone’s shadow. Stop pleasing anybody. Nobody can validate your importance. No one can ever drag you down just because you made a mistake. You are only human. It’s okay if you fall. Some people love to judge because they haven’t worn the shoes you are wearing. Most of all, your path is different from them.

Cheer up. It’s just a mistake. At least you’ve learned a lesson. You failed, yes. But failing won’t make you less of a human. After all, “experience is what you got when you didn’t get what you wanted.

Starts losing self-esteem

As you scroll down your social media feed, you saw a lot of things about other people’s success. Your high school batchmate got a Latin honor. A lot of your friends are successful in their chosen careers. However, none of these apply to you. You think that you will end up being an ordinary person you think you are.


There are a lot of instances that you want to take a risk, but you are afraid. For example, in a job interview, you are surprised to see your old friend who just had her master’s degree. You suddenly think that you will fail because of her credentials. But to be honest, it is because you don’t believe in yourself. You are starting to lose that tiny spark inside of you.

You are more than your failures and mistakes. How you stand up despite every problems and circumstance you have is the factor that defines you as a person. Failing and making a mistake is just part of the process. No matter how many times you have been rejected, the most important thing you need to do is to embrace it.

No one has the authority to judge and criticize your faults. Learn to do your part. Never let anyone’s negativity ruin your goals and plan in life. Again, make mistakes because it makes you more of a human and face your failure. Start to appreciate all the little things and wins in life.

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