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Are You Stuck in Office? Lose Weight While Sitting Down


Being in the office where all you have to do is sit down and finish your task can lead to either gaining or losing weight. However, in most cases staying stuck on your seat can lead to gain some weight. But, you don’t need to worry because there are ways you can prevent that to happen.

Spending too much time on your desk is not highly-recommended. According to a research, “In a typical working week, people spend on average 5 hours and 41 minutes per day sitting at their desk and 7 hours sleeping at night. Prolonged sitting at your desk is not only bad for your physical health, but potentially your mental well-being, experts in the UK say.”

Sitting down might not lead to gaining weight but the things you do while sitting down can. Below are some of the situations you need to be aware of before you do anything inside the office.

Don’t forget to sit straight


Some studies say that sitting straight can bring happiness in your day. Aside from helping you develop good posture, it is also good to your overall health. As an employee, if you are seeking productivity, one of the most feasible solution for that is to seat properly. And, this is because of the reason that it can affect your shoulder, neck, wrist, and low back. Since the pain will cause you unfocus because you will only think about how to cure the ache you feel.

Take some nap

Napping is one of the important thing that you must do as an employee. However, in some cases, other companies forget to implement this to their working guidelines. There are hilarious ways you can nap at work but it’s for you to find out. For the meantime, here’s the list of the benefits you can get if you are taking a nap, as stated in Spine Health.

  • Improves concentration and alertness
  • Boost and make a better memory recall
  • Lowers blood pressure and stress levels
  • Sharpened motor skills for creativity
  • Increases alertness and stamina

Choose healthy snacks


In order to provide a better and healthier office environment, you need to start it within yourself. There are a lot of smart ways on how to keep your body healthy. Junk foods are good and savory but it’s time to cut some of it and start focusing on fruits and vegetables.

Fast food can be the most convenient since it’s just a call away but don’t you think you can save more if you will be the one who will cook your food? It’s healthier and cost you cheaper than delivered food. Also, it will be harder for you to lose weight if you will consume food that contains unhealthy ingredients.

Stretch your body

Every time you feel like you are close to feeling sleepy, all you need to do is to stretch out. Never be hesitant if you want to pull your muscle and to keep it awake. If you will let your body work in such remote way, it’s like stealing your body the chance to work better. It is important that your body is flexible.

Apart from that, it refreshes your body and gives you the chance to avoid stress and be productive. Stretching can also help you lose weight with proper way of following it. There are ways you can stretch out even if you’re only sitting on your chair.

Don’t let your body remain stagnant while you are working. Start to move around when it’s break time. Go out to have lunch with your office-mates. Never let yourself get stuck on the chair. Do something more productive while you are doing your tasks.

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