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Unmotivated to Lose Weight? Take Note of These Funny Quotes


For people who want to lose weight but suddenly lost the motivation to work hard, this post is for you. Not everyone has the ability to make losing some weight a habit. It will take a lot of extra hard work to keep yourself in be oriented with your goals. Even if you just want to reduce the weight or to achieve a summer-ready body, you need to work hard for it.

Other people might think that weight loss is a boring thing. It is not. Only, if you know the fun ways of keeping enjoyable. One of the ways to make it fun is to add a pop of humor in your weight loss routine and exercise. For example, you can use quotes in making yourself stay motivated all throughout. Here are the quotes you need to know in order to start your workout with good vibes.

Weight loss quote #1


If you are cheated on by your boyfriend and the girl is skinny or in a good shape, you can make it as an inspiration to lose weight. The “going to the person you hate” part is like the one who motivates you to work out better. This quote might be understood as a revenge but at least you know that you know it just in your mind but not in your deeds.

Weight loss quote #2


When you are losing weight, it doesn’t mean that you need to stop eating what you like. It is about eating what you want but with limitations. Every time other people would offer you some food, always make sure to be respectful in hesitating. Be nice. You don’t need to be rude.

Weight loss quote #3


This third quote is an English Proverb but it’s kinda funny but honest quote at the same time. Some people don’t have any idea of what they are up to if they will not reduce the amount of food they are eating. Yes, eating must not have any limitation. However, eating too much can cause a problem if you don’t know the things you need to do.

Weight loss quote #4


If you are one of those people who stress eats, then this quote is for you. The food in the fridge won’t solve any problem that you have. When you are sad, you can talk to a friend or listen to your favorite song. Eating is good but stress-eating can only bring bad factors to your body.

According to Medical Weight Loss, “diabetes, high blood pressure, fatigue, and high cholesterol are all health problems that can result from repetitive emotional eating outbursts. It’s not worth risking your health to hide your emotions.”

As what another quote says, “Fitness is like marriage. You can’t cheat on it and expect it to work”. Cheat days can become a habit. If you are fixated on eating chocolates every weekend because it’s your cheat day, you might end up failing on your goals. Focus on your goals rather than ruining it. But, you can eat other food that you want but always put some limit.

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