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Lose Weight By Adding Enough Fats to Your Diet


How ironic it is that for you to lose weight, you should eat enough fatty food. But, hold up! It doesn’t mean that eating everything means you can lose weight. A lot of people knows the rule of eating less and moving more to reduce their weight. However, it may or may not be as effective as it may seem.


Back then, people who want to lose weight prevent themselves from eating food with fats.  However, according to the book, The Fat Cell Solution, if you will eat recommended carbohydrate, fat, and protein combination, the food you eat serves as the signals to the body to use the energy in the fat cell, not to increase it. Healthy fats can help you in retraining the fat cells in your body that it will only release excess calories.

The main key for that is to work with your body, not to workout for your body. You need to help your body in the process by retraining your fat cells. Below are the reasons why you need to get enough fats to your diet for you to lose weight.

Avoids depriving yourself

If you let your body have a cheat day, you do not have to binge anymore. To those who are not yet aware of the term ‘cheat day,’ that is the day wherein you are letting yourself indulge in the food that you love. It is cheating on your fitness instructor, however, most of the times, you need to tell him the amount of sugar you ate.


You just need to know what are the right fats that you could eat. You may ask, what are those fatty food that you can eat. Here are some of the food that can be good for your diet but you need to ensure you eat the recommended amount.

Whole eggs

Grass-fed beef


Parmesan cheese

Dark chocolate

Almond and/or peanut butter



If you want to confirm if you see dark chocolate on the list, I want to validate that you do. Set your goals and know your desired weight. Through this, you may be able to have more motivation to do well in the process.

Makes you full and satisfied

In a recent research, entitled: Saturated Fat Consumption and Risk of Coronary Heart Disease and Ischemic Stroke: A Science Update, it was stated that saturated fats are not responsible for increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke.


Some fats are good for your health. For example, the peanut butter that you are consuming could lower down your weight. Believing that all the fats can keep your weight stagnant should be deleted in your mind.

Do not fear fats. It is better than you are giving yourself the chance to eat what you like. Once you start to limit your food intake, you are more prone to eat every hour. The most important thing is you know how to control what you are eating. Getting the right amount of fat per day is okay but eating beyond the prescribed number of fat intake is better.

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