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How to: Being a Locum Tenens While Maintaining A Private Practice


Looking to get ahead of you in your private practice? If you are a private practitioner looking to supplement your income or venture into a new area of expertise, working locum tenens may be the ideal phase. Try another medical career that can benefit you and help you be the best in your field and home.

Owning a Private Practice and Working Locums

If you are a doctor who has a private practice, you might have considered hiring locum tenens providers to complement your permanent workers, but did you think of working locums yourself? Working locums when establishing or operating a private practice can be a good business option for many physicians. Trying new opportunities can discover many benefits that can help you go through your private practice.

Here’s how you can take advantage of the rights, stability, and financial advantages of locum tenens while you have a private practice.

Close-to-home weekend assignments

locum tenens private practice1

If you are working as a locum to supplement your income, you might as well think of being assigned near home for your family. As a locum, you have the chance to choose your schedule, especially where you want to be assigned. If your private practice is far from your home, you can get close-to-home weekend assignments to see your family and be near with them easily.

Building a New Private Practice While Working Locums

It can be risky to embark on any new business venture, but jumping head-to-head into a brand-new medical practice may be extremely intimidating. When you are starting a new practice, suggest a part-time easing of working locums. You’re going to have the financial safety net of your locum income along with the versatility in scheduling you’re going to use to get your practice started.

Strengthening Your Private Practice 

If you’re doing private practice seasonally, you may want to work on locums to extend your experience or improve your current skills. If you’re interested in entering a new specialty or subspecialty or improving your expertise in your profession, you can learn new techniques and procedures from other service providers on assignment as a locum. Plus, you’re going to be able to broaden your professional network, which can be especially beneficial if you have a smaller practice.

Because you are entering a different environment and culture in the workplace every time you work as a locum, you are ready for new experiences, which can make you easily adapt to different changes and challenges.

Supplementing Your Income by Working Locums

locum tenens private practice2

Building and sustaining private practice in the new health landscape can be difficult. Start-up expenses, malpractice insurance, office rental, medical supplies, sales, and marketing costs, and legal fees alone can easily become overwhelming. If the practice has been developed, a real reward arrives, but in the meantime, personal finances can be hit hard.

The assignment of locum tenens may help to ease this burden. If you want to raise additional income to help a growing family, purchase a new home, money to spend on a child’s study, or retire early, you can reap the benefits of doing a locum.

Many healthcare is offering higher and competitive rates to physicians to ensure they get the top doctors they are looking for. With your specialty, skills, and experience, you can guarantee a higher pay rate as a locum.

How to Make Locums Work for You

If you’re interested in taking on extra work as a locum tenens, you’re going to want to make it a success. There are options and some things you need to consider when becoming a locum. Here are some tips on how to make locums work for you when you are busy and growing in your private practice:

  • Take locum assignments so that you don’t have to waste time and money on travel. You get paid to travel working as a locum.
  • Arrange for working nights or weekends or during the holiday time.
  • Ensure that you have reliable office help in your practice to deal with problems if you are not available.
  • Focus on locum assignments that will expand your experience and skills.
  • Establish a partnership with a trusted agency for locum tenens.

Work with Trusted Locum Tenens Staffing Agency

Choose a trusted staffing agency you can work with as a locum. If you are interested in becoming a locum tenens, make sure to check out and let them help you build your new medical career. Let their team of experts find you a match that suits your schedule, location, preferences, and private practice objectives.



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