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Laugh it Off: Stop Frowning Over Your Fat Rolls


Every time you look in the mirror, you noticed that there are rolls found in your stomach. You may find it annoying but you know what, you need to cheer up. Crying over something won’t help you get rid of your body problems. It can even make it worse since you’ll have a huge chance of getting stressed out over it. What do you need to do? Laugh it off. 

When a person is stressed out, there is a huge possibility that it can turn to stress-eating. If you are wondering why it’s hard for you to slim down even if you are on a diet, you need to know these reasons. Here are some of the things you need to know why laughing should be part of your fitness plan.

Replaces negative emotions

Being to pessimistic can ruin your mood. Take this, for example, if you think that you do things you don’t put your heart out, it can be the reason why you don’t experience weight loss. Protecting your positivity is important to maintain your inspiration to go on with your fitness routine. There’s nothing wrong if you will just laugh it off. 


Once a person starts to think that they can do a particular thing, their mindset also changes. No matter how hard the project was, it will become easier for them to finish it. And this is because their goals are solid.

Reduces stress hormones

Making ourselves as a stress slave is hard. Why? It’s because it will be difficult for you to control your thoughts. Coping with stress and improving the overall health is possible if you will learn to laugh about it. Here are the things you can benefit from laughing, as listed by Mayo Clinic:

  • Activates and relieves stress response
  • Soothes tension
  • Stimulates many organs

Boosts your metabolism


According to a study, entitled: Energy expenditure of genuine laughter, within 10 to 15 minutes of laughter, there is an increase of 10 to 40 calories burned. If you have a fast metabolism, it will be easier to digest your food. Additional to this, one of the best ways to lose weight is to be able to increase your metabolic rate.

Workouts your muscles

Laughing yoga can help in activating the muscles, study finds. According to a research, entitled: Laughter has a positive impact on vascular function, “Watching a funny movie or sitcom that produces laughter has a positive effect on vascular function and is opposite to that observed after watching a movie that causes mental stress.”

According to Dr. Michael Miller, “The idea to study positive emotions, such as laughter came about after studies had shown that mental stress caused blood vessels to constrict”. That is why it is important that you want to lose weight because you want it not because of other people. You can even use this in other cases. For example, if you get criticized for losing weight, the best thing to do is to laugh it off. 

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