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Struggling in Knowing the Reasons Why You Exist? Here’s Why


Ever since you are a kid, you have already envisioned who you want to be in the future. You may want to be a doctor to heal the sick. Other kids even want to become a teacher to share what their knowledge. That is why, while you are growing up, you also grow up with that dream of yours. You got into college, graduated, and had a diploma. But, you realized that it’s not you. You end up being puzzled of the reason why you exist.

You suddenly feel that you are existing, but you can’t find your purpose. There are series of questions left unasked. A lot of what ifs was formed inside your mind. If you are in this situation and you happened to read this, you are not alone. Don’t need to worry. It might just be a phase but what’s important is you know the reasons why you have these kinds of feelings.

Everyone exists for a reason. While you are still looking for yours, listed below might be some of the reasons why you find it hard to know the reasons why you are here.

You are afraid to fail


As you grow up, a lot of people are telling you that you need to take a medical course. Since you are good in science, everyone is expecting that you will be going to end up working in a clinic and hospital. Instead, you are holding the student’s record and lesson plans. Maybe this is the reason. Since you didn’t meet the expectations of your parents, you suddenly feel that you fail.

Have you asked your parents yet? Assuming something is far different from knowing what’s the real deal. Try talking to your parents. A real parent will understand their child’s decisions as long as it won’t be the reason for your downfall. There’s nothing wrong with having a conversation with them. Maybe it is what you need to free yourself.

You don’t know how to observe

you-don't know-how-to-observe

There are a lot of hidden meanings that the universe is giving you, but you are not aware of it. Why? Because you always end up searching for what you don’t have rather than what you have. All you need to do is to observe. Why don’t you try listening to silence? If you think that you need to escape from all the stress that life gives you, take a deep breath.

While you are on the road to finding yourself, you need to seek and ask for His guidance. He will help you to get through with whatever you are feeling. Pay attention to everything that you see. If you are once a disbeliever of signs, maybe this is the time that you should now. Sometimes, you think that signs are misleading, but as you go on, you realized that those are your little helpers.

You forgot that you are complete


In your way of searching why you are existing and who you are, you forgot that you are already whole. You might think that you live because you need to find your other half. But, you end up not meeting anyone in your life. You haven’t gotten yourself into a relationship, and you feel like no one likes you. The reality is, you don’t know that you don’t need anyone to complete you.

Finding yourself is like looking at the thousands of people, wearing a mask similar to your face. Stop looking for your other half, for your soulmate, for the person that will make you whole again. Because the reality is that, you don’t need anyone to be complete. Focus on yourself. Know yourself. And give yourself the chance to know who you are.

You don’t believe in yourself


As you finish your studies, you think that that’s the end of it. The problem to some people is that they tend to settle for what is less. There is nothing wrong with that, but there is nothing wrong with giving yourself the chance to widen your options. You can do and be better if you want. But there is something that holds you back.

Every day of your life, you may always ask yourself the question why you are still here. What is the reason why you are breathing and living? If you don’t know the answer yet, be kind to yourself. You don’t need to end it. You don’t need to put the period, so there’s no need for you to continue what you have started.

If you are still struggling, please know that a lot of people are feeling the same way, too. There are a lot of lost soul, but the thing is, you are the only one who thinks that they are lost. They are just within you. You find it hard to look for it because you are searching for something. For something that you has been already buried in you.

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