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Passion is Not Enough: Know Your Purpose in Life


Back when you are young, you thought that your passion will bring you to where you are right now. In some cases, it won’t. Some people are passionate about their work, but they still end up asking themselves. Questions such as, “why am I even here?” and “what are the things I’ve done that will make my-younger-self proud?”

You have a good job, but you are not satisfied. Are you even making the most of your life? Or you are just trying to make yourself believe that you can do everything because you have the passion? The answer still depends on you. If you think that who you are right now is the reason why you exist, I’m genuinely happy for you. If not, you are not alone, and you may continue reading.

Passion and purpose are two different things. You might be the most passionate individual, but deep inside, you started to feel unsatisfied. Maybe because you don’t know what is your purpose yet. Below are the reasons why you need to find your purpose first.

Answers question why you are alive


As you grow up, you might come up with realizations. You tend to ask yourself with questions. However, everything ends up being unanswered. No, your passion couldn’t answer that. Your purpose will. What do you think is the main reason why you are born? Is it to leave a legacy after you die? Or to simply just make other people happy?

Live the kind of life that you know people will remember you. You don’t need to become a star to touch the hearts of other people. Be the kind of person who knows his purpose more than his passion.

Makes other people happy


Sometimes, passion can be too selfish. In some point, it can only be about just you alone. However, if you live life with purpose, you can make other people happy. Living is not just about money or having a mansion. It is more than just material things. Passion may give you your possessions but only your purpose can make you happy while making other people happy.

Helps you create meaning

Who are you? Do you even know the things you must and want to do? If not yet, you may not in the stage where you already know your purpose. According to Dr. Mani, “your ‘purpose’ is your essential ‘reason why’. It is your motivating force, your invigorating energy, your inner fuel that fires your engines. Purpose is what drives you to do what you already do – and want to keep doing.”


Your purpose is the reason why ‘life-changing’ moments occur. You don’t only create an impact in your life. At the same time, you are helping other people to know their purpose. Living a life without a purpose can be dangerous. If you don’t know where you are heading, maybe you don’t know who you are yet. You are still undefined. You are still seeking who you are.

Find your purpose first. After you already have a grasp about it, you can start being passionate about it. You can still work on that. Your purpose makes you happy and it will radiate on how you do your work. If you think that you will just fail, please remember that there are a lot of rooms for mistakes. Choose to be fearless. It is better to live life full of “oh wells” than “what ifs”.

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