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Want to Inspire People? Share Your Nonsense Story


All of us used to think that we are ordinary. We only progress in the field of recreating things. Sometimes, we feel that we are stagnant. There are ways that we want to keep moving forward but we end up not doing it. Until, we started to be consumed with what ifs, maybes, and list of could’ve been. But, life is meant to happen just like that.

Your journey and how you deal with life, even if you labeled it as nonsense might turn out to be inspirational for others. No matter how you tell that there is nothing special about your life. Once you start to write about, you’ll get surprised to know that you’ve been through a lot. Take, for example, what Taylor Swift did.  

Today is National Write Down Your Story Day. Why don’t you grab this opportunity to tell your story? Below are the ways you may use in order to share the story that you have. Together with steps are the quotes that can also help you.

Stay genuine with your words

As what Sunny Dawn Johnston said, “We all have a story. The difference is: do you use the story to empower yourself? Or do you use your story to keep yourself a victim? The question itself empowers you to change your life.”


Sometimes, the way you tell your nonsense story can already create an impact to others. Situations you have experienced can affect millions or maybe just one person. You don’t need to sugarcoat your words. People wants to hear stories about realness. If you will try to exaggerate everything, they won’t believe you.

Tell them the true story. A lot of people became a prisoner of their past because they are hiding something. Don’t be like that. You will probably lose integrity once other people will find out that what you said aren’t even true. Let them judge you even if you share your nonsense story. At least you are living your life without trying to please anyone.

Tell them your struggles

Once you start to write down everything, you will realize that your nonsense story is actually full of sense. The mistakes that you made. All the choices that end up to be wrong all along. Those things are part of your story. In film, those were the conflicts that need solution. According to Frederick Douglass, “If there is not struggle, there is no progress.”


Everyone has their own struggles. They might not want to declare it but they are going through something. If a person who shares the same burden that you once had hear your story, they might get inspired from it. You will make them know that it’s not yet the end of everything.

Let them know how you embraced your hardships. Share how thankful you are for being able to experience those things. Why? Simply because those were the stage where you thought you will never get by. However, it made you stronger, wiser, and a better person.

Express what you want to feel

According to Sheila Kelley, “Every single time you feel something, if you don’t express it, you are robbing the planet of your heart.”

Crying, get angry, and to laugh over your story while you are writing it is okay. Through this, you were able to add more emotions to the words that you said. It does not matter if everything is still fresh or not. Even though you perceive it as your nonsense story, you will never know, maybe there is someone who feels exactly just like you.


Life is too short not to give your all. Make it as if it was the first and last time for you to share your worries. Think like your nonsense story may create a huge impact in other people’s life. And how would you want to change their lives? Through your sugar coated words or of your genuineness?

As what they say, “Don’t compare your life to others. There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when it’s their time.”

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