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How to Get A Flu Shot at Walmart


This year, Walmart is only one of the stores selling flu vaccines. Learn how to get yours, as well as where and where Walmart will be selling flu vaccines. Try to do so as soon as possible because it takes two weeks for the body to produce the antibodies needed to defend against the flu.

A new surge of Covid-19 is sweeping the world just as flu season begins. This situation opens the door to a “twindemic,” in which the coronavirus pandemic and a major seasonal flu epidemic could coexist.

However, it is not too late to reduce the chance of Covid-19 (by using a mask and taking other precautions) and flu. You can help deter the outbreak of influenza by getting a vaccine from a local pharmacy, such as one of Walmart’s 4,700 pharmacies around the world.

It is essential to have a flu vaccine for the exact cause that businesses are working to produce a Covid-19 vaccine, says Theodore Strange, MD, interim chair of medicine at Staten Island University Hospital in Staten Island, New York.


Here is what you need to know about the Walmart flu shot.


Is the vaccine effective?

Yes, but the degree of effectiveness ranges from year to year. Since influenza viruses mutate, vaccine developers must reformulate the vaccine every year to accommodate the various virus strains.

Usually, researchers look to the Southern Hemisphere, especially Australia, to see this season’s viral “footprint.” According to Dr. Strange, they use the knowledge to decide how the Northern Hemisphere vaccine can be prepared.

According to the CDC, if the vaccine is well suited to the strains, it should be between 40% and 60% successful (CDC). And if you do get the flu, being immunized reduces the risk of being seriously sick. According to Dr. Strange, this is because the body has already mounted an immune response.

According to the CDC, the flu causes 140,000 to 810,000 hospitalizations and 12,000 to 61,000 deaths per year. Per year, the vaccine could save up to 6,300 lives.


Is the vaccine safe?

The response is, once again, yes. Don’t believe any vaccination theories you’ve read of the flu vaccine causing significant illness. People have received flu vaccines without incident during the last 50 years.

Redness, soreness, and discomfort using the needle are the most frequent side effects. You can also feel headaches, a mild fever, fatigue, and muscle aches, all of which should subside independently. The vaccine causes allergic reactions in a relatively small number of patients.

Breathing difficulties, swelling, and a rapid pulse are also possible symptoms. Dial 911 if you have any of these symptoms.


Who should get the flu vaccine?

The flu vaccine is approved for nearly all but not all. The CDC advises that anyone above the age of six months gets vaccinated at least once a year. Those at a greater risk of flu complications, such as those 65 and older, pregnant mothers, children under the age of five, and people with some chronic illnesses, such as asthma, are highly advised to get the flu vaccine.

Someone allergic to eggs or another ingredient of the flu vaccine and anyone who has had Guillain-Barré syndrome or who has any current flu symptoms should see their doctor before receiving the vaccine.

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What kind of vaccines are available?

Every year, manufacturers create a variety of flu vaccines. They differ in terms of how many flu strains they defend. They usually guard against three or four. This year’s most popular vaccine protects against four strains, known as a quadrivalent vaccine.

You may have a flu vaccine or a nasal spray, and both of them include an adjuvant, which ensures they help patients with compromised immune systems. Seniors are used. Consult your doctor if the vaccine is suitable for you.


When is the best time to get a vaccine?

If you are eligible for a flu vaccine and have not yet had one, the time has come. In North America, flu season usually begins around October and peaks between December and February. That means influenza is currently circulating. The vaccine typically takes two weeks to reach maximum strength. You deserve to be safe as soon as possible.


How do I get a flu shot at Walmart?

You should schedule a flu vaccination consultation at Walmart via the retailer’s wireless app. On Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons, Walmart stores will also have flu shots in-store. For precise dates, please contact your local shop.

Before you come in, you can fill out a patient questionnaire online. The risk of a flu vaccine is mainly covered by insurance, but there is no out-of-pocket charge.

TqAKWhat should I expect when I get to the store?

Associates will take your temperature and inquire about your Covid-19 symptoms. Both Walmart locations adhere to social distancing rules, and all aisles are one-way. Walmart has approved Tuesday mornings at 6 a.m. as flu vaccine distribution days for seniors and consumers at high risk for Covid-19.


How much does a Walmart flu shot cost

Walmart pharmacies offer a quadrivalent vaccine for just under $40 this year.


Insurance typeAge groupCost US Dollars
Without InsuranceBetween 2-65 Years (Per Individual)$25.00
Without InsuranceOver 65 Years (High Dosage) – Per Individual$48.00
MedicareAll age rangesFree
MedicaidAll age ranges


Both marketplace insurance providers must pay the expense of the vaccine under the Affordable Care Act, but others have restrictions on when you can obtain free flu vaccines. Flu vaccines are also covered by Medicare and many other health insurance programs. Flu vaccinations at a doctor’s clinic can be expensive for families without health care, and inexpensive trivalent injections have all but vanished in favor of quadrivalent vaccines, which defend against four types of influenza rather than three.

Cheapism examined vaccine rates at some of the country’s biggest drug stores, as well as Costco and Sam’s Club, which are famous for low prices and encourage non-members to access their pharmacies. Prices, facilities, and availability can differ by region.



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