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Curious on How to be Fearless? Let Taylor Swift Teach You


Taylor Swift dropped a music video, Delicate and is the fifth track from her Reputation album. From the start to the beginning of the video, it is full of hidden messages and netizens could not help but decode every inch of it. As I watched the whole video, there’s one beautiful thing she did: she taught us on how to be fearless.

Taylor did well in every era that she had. However, it seems like, among all the music videos that she did, Delicate gave us a lesson about life. Below are some of the things that you need to list down in order to dance in a storm in your best dress, fearless.

Avoiding presence of critics

Delicate is well-written. It captures the reality about an artist. As seen in the first part. Taylor was surrounded by paparazzi until someone gave her a folded letter. The next part, she was with her bodyguards. Every move she makes, it seems like she was monitored. Most of the things that she was doing must conform to the standards of everyone.


Criticisms will always be there. People will always talk good about you whenever you are facing them. However, if you are not around, everything started to change. Stories have been twisted and you are the suspect. That is why you need to learn how to be fearless. You need to be someone who doesn’t give any care about what other people will say.

Don’t let other people change you

Just like what you can see on the next part of the video wherein she was making faces. However, as she saw a group of girls, she stopped doing it. But, as she faced the mirror, she couldn’t see her face again. It was like she turned invisible. Upon seeing that no one seems to notice her, she decided to be herself.


Remember the times where you are inside your room, no one can see you. You may be doing a lot of random things there. And, this is what Taylor felt. Since she knows that no one sees her, she does things she wanted to do. Maybe, this is the reason why some people opt to do things in silence. In millennial term, they would rather go lowkey than to get judged.

Being able to be your-true-self

Notice how her aura changed. Maybe it’s because if someone is true to herself, she will experience genuine happiness. And, Taylor was able to do that. When she started to become invisible to everyone. As what you can see in the elevator scene, it was like she missed the spotlight. She looked a bit sad when the lady doesn’t even notice her.


From all the things that happened in your life, sometimes, being invisible is the key. To be invisible, you do not need to erase your existence. You just need to get out of the place where people can easily judge you. Maybe a short break from social media will do.

In social media, you let yourself be validated with the number of likes you receive. This is why being yourself is hard these days. You need to conform to other people’s standard to be accepted.

Know where it all started

If you will watch until the end of the video, the place where Taylor entered was similar to a country music bars. Everyone knows what genre Taylor started. Yes, you got it right. She started with country music. For a Swiftie who adores T. Swift’s country songs as much as she loves her current songs, it is heartwarming.


Maybe it was just coincidental that after the spell was gone, she found herself in a country music bar. Whatever it is, what Taylor taught us is to always look back to where it all started. No matter how successful you are, you still need to revisit your old self. Give yourself the chance to go back to the old you.


There are a lot of hidden messages that needs to be told in the Delicate music video. For this article, it is about how to be fearless despite all the criticisms you receive. Taylor Swift really did that. She always makes sure to impart something to her fans through her music and music videos.

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