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How Long Is Baby Formula Safe to Drink


When it comes to feeding your infant, new parenthood comes with a steep learning curve. Powdered infant formula offers two unique benefits for formula-feeding parents. It is the most economical choice and, with much less packaging than liquid formula options, it is also more ecologically aware.

It is worth mentioning, however, that powdered formula may contain a bacterium known as cronobacter. While cronobacter infections are uncommon, they may be deadly in highly young, preterm, or immune-compromised infants. According to the Centers for Disease Control, properly preparing and storing formula may help prevent the development of cronobacter and other pathogens such as salmonella (CDC)

It is recommended that a parent study and learn more about how to feed their kid correctly. And whether you are a parent or are thinking about becoming a parent, you’ve come to the perfect spot. In this post, we’ll look at the factors that influence how long infant formula may last.

Tips For Storing Instant Formula

Check and follow the directions on the baby formula container thoroughly. These instructions will teach you how to prepare and store your infant’s formula properly. It is essential to prepare your infant’s formula according to the directions.

When the prepared baby formula is left out at room temperature, it may deteriorate. Utilize prepared baby formula within 2 hours after preparation and one hour from the start of feeding.

baby drinking2

If you’re not using the produced baby formula within 2 hours, put it in the refrigerator and use it within 24 hours. After feeding your child, you must discard any leftover infant formula in the bottle.

Bacteria may develop in the presence of infant formula and your baby’s saliva. Before using the bottle again, be sure you clean and sterilize it. Unopened baby formula containers should be kept in a cold, dry location inside, not in cars, garages, or outdoors.

Once a baby formula container has been opened, keep it in a cold, dry location with the lid firmly covered. It should not be kept in the refrigerator. The majority of baby formulae must be consumed within one month after opening the container. To make you remember, write the date on the lid when you first open the container. After the expiration date on the bottle, never use the formula.

How Long Can Baby Formula Be Consumed?

Unopened, Unmixed Formula

Thankfully, you don’t need to guess or recall the day you purchased the formula for this one. An expiration date will always be printed on a sealed container of formula, whether powder, concentrate or ready-to-drink. In most instances, this is printed at the bottom.

The powdered formulations you looked at in the local shop were over a year old. So, if you find yourself with unsealed containers after your kid has graduated from the formula, at the very least, you’ll be prepared for the wasted baby formula. Avoid exposing sealed containers to high temperatures and store them in an excellent, dry location.

Unmixed Formula In Open Container

You should use up the powdered formula within a month after opening the bottle. Every formula comes with instructions on the can or container. Organic formulas, such as Holle Formula and Hipp Formula, are the finest.

Given your child’s ravenous hunger, the unmixed formula in an exposed container is not an issue. Everything will be fine as long as you observe the expiry date and know the appropriate serving and restoration methods.

Prepared Formula From Powder

The countdown clock begins ticking as you combine water and formula powder to make that great potion that nourishes your baby. In general, the bottle will survive for 2 hours at room temperature if left undisturbed and unheated.

baby formula1

However, verify the label guidelines – some brands’ manufacturer instructions state that a bottle is only safe for 1 hour at room temperature once combined. It will be determined if the brand adheres to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’sTrusted Source standards.

Refrigerated Unconsumed Formula

Yes, it is okay to drink as long as your infant does not drink from the bottle. You may keep an unused bottle of powdered formula in the fridge for up to 24 hours. Because of this, many parents choose to prepare a bigger batch of formula in the morning and divide it out into bottles, or pour it into bottles as required, for use throughout the day.

These parents understand that a screaming infant is often a hungry baby who does not want to wait for you to prepare a bottle. The temperature in your refrigerator should be 40°F (4.4°C) or below.

As a side note, freezing the formula is not advised. It may alter the texture but does not prolong the duration when the formula is still effective. If you’re new to formula after nursing, it’s essential to understand that the recommendations vary in this and other ways.

Refrigerated Half Consumed Formula

Once a partly eaten formula is refrigerated, it does not survive long. If your child has taken part of a bottle but does not want the remainder, you should dispose of it within an hour. Don’t store it in the fridge to use later. 

Baby formulas are not the same. It may be derived from goat formula, soy milk, or other sources. The method you keep and drink milk, on the other hand, is all the same.

Milk-based products are infamous for bacterial growth. Bacteria are introduced when your infant drinks from a bottle. With this, the formula should not be kept and used for the second time. This is also why, even if it’s only a sip after that chocolate chip cookie, you shouldn’t drink straight from the milk container.

Heated Unconsumed Formula 

You cannot keep the unused part of a heated bottle in the fridge and use it later. Bacteria are the problem here once again, and bacteria flourish even more when given a pleasant warm atmosphere to live in.

Another thing to keep in mind: If you’ve heated a bottle, our prior 2-hour recommendation for undisturbed formula no longer applies. You should consume a warm bottle within 1 hour, and you should dump any leftovers down the sink. This applies to powdered formulations as well as extracts and ready-to-drink alternatives.


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