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How Long Does Breast Augmentation Last?


Are you considering getting a breast augmentation but are concerned about the longevity of your new implants? In general, breast augmentation should last 10 years or longer, and many women seek a change at that point for reasons that are more closely tied to changes in their body form than difficulties with their implants.

Weight fluctuations, further births, and simply the passage of time due to gravity’s impact might cause breasts to seem different than they did shortly after surgery. This is true for women who have never had surgery before. Now, you have a question in mind, how long does breast augmentation really last? Keep on reading to learn more about its longevity. 

The Average Lifespan Of Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is a popular procedure for improving the appearance of your breasts. Implants are not considered “lifetime devices” by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, despite being generally safe and designed to endure a long period.

Breast implant manufacturers expect that the devices will last an average of ten years. Even if you’re careful, the friction between the implant and the inner structures of your breast might wear away at the silicone shell with natural wear and tear from daily activities. The implant may eventually leak or explode as a result of this wear.

Because not all bodies of women are the same, some can last up to 20 years. Make sure to have a checkup once in 5 or 10 years with plastic surgery Calgarysuch as the Art&Fact. 

How To Prolong Your Results

breast augmentation recovery

While no one can say for sure how long your breast enlargement results will stay, there are several things you can take to help them last longer and keep you happy with your appearance for many years after your treatment. Following are the after-surgery advice that can help you keep your results for as long as possible.

Stop smoking

Cigarettes include nicotine, a strong chemical that reduces blood flow, particularly in regions where it is most needed: your plastic surgery wounds. When you smoke after breast surgery, your plastic surgery wounds heal slowly, your infection risk rises, and your recovery time may be extended. You must stop smoking at least six weeks prior to and four weeks following your intended breast surgery.

Regularly Massage Your Breasts

Although it may appear strange, breast massage is a crucial component of your healing. This will assist in minimizing edema and improve blood flow in the affected area. You only need to massage each breast once a day for around 5 minutes.

Your surgeon should also advise you on the optimal massage method and how often you should massage. You won’t have to do this indefinitely, only for the first several weeks following your recuperation. Your breasts may be too sore for a massage within the first week. These massages are encouraged when the discomfort decreases.

Wear the Right Bra

Your doctor will advise you to use a soft support bra for the first month following your breast augmentation treatment. This bra will speed up the healing process by allowing your breasts to achieve the correct shape sooner. Underwire bras should be avoided even after the first month. You can speed up the healing process while still getting the most stunning results by using softer bras in the months after your breast augmentation.

What Causes Implants To Fail?

A breast implant, whether aesthetic or reconstructive, might fail for a variety of reasons. Direct trauma and regular wear and strain on the implant are the most common causes. Leakage or rupture can occur as a result of several reasons. The outer shell of a breast implant is constructed of a robust kind of silicone, whether it is filled with saline (saltwater solution) or silicone. The exterior shell can sometimes crack or become perforated, despite being designed to withstand severe pressure and heat.

breast implants

What Happens To Breast Implants Over Time?

Breasts will change size as a result of weight growth or loss. Breast size and shape vary as a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Ptosis develops as breast tissue diminishes and skin stretches over time. Breast implants can cause the skin to stretch more, although the size of the implant determines the extent to which this occurs. The skin will be stretched the more the implant is huge.

How to Prepare For Removal of Breast Implants

You might be worried and scared if you need to have your breast implants removed for whatever reason. But don’t worry, breast augmentation Calgary can help you by appointing consultation from expert surgeons, just as you were when you originally expressed interest in obtaining implants.

The surgeon will examine the state of your breast implants and discuss the many surgical alternatives available to you. Everyone’s healing period is different. You may be able to go home the same day as your breast surgery. During your appointment, your plastic surgeon will go over the options and what to expect.


Your breast implant will naturally change throughout time. As a result, after a few years, some women decide to replace their breast implants. Alternatively, they may opt for a breast lift to address the drooping effects of age on their breasts. The Art&Fact can go through all of these things with you in-depth and help you choose the right plan for your surgery. 


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