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Patient Experience: The Benefits of House Call Doctor Services


Back in the 1930s, house call doctor services made up 40% of the physician-patient encounters. Becoming aware of that fact conjures up cozy stereotype images of a kindly doctor swaddled in a trench coat, lugging around a black handbag filled with his medical supplies.

Image Credit: Los Angeles Times

Cut back to the 20th century where the common idea of a doctor on-call is largely ignored. It was pushed to the side by office-centered medicine and mega health systems. Even in the 1980s, house call doctor services had decreased further — from 40% in the 70’s to less than 1%.

But now, house call doctor services are making a comeback. You have companies offering house call doctors in Los Angeles, New York, and other states in the US. It’s also pretty popular in Canada, Australia, and Europe.

House Call Doctor Services Making a Comeback

Image Credit: Medium

House calls are making a comeback. The reason largely focuses on taking care of the barriers in healthcare access, including cost and the availability of time care. Nowadays, nobody is so keen on the long wait times and the costly emergency department visits.

Plus, people’s habits are evolving. Smartphone apps exist, and foster a culture of on-demand services. So it’s not surprising to see some medical businesses stepping forward to accept the demanding task, in addition to offering other medical services.

Research on a physician assistant home care program that caters to house calls led to the reduction of the thirty-day readmission rate by 25%. House call doctor services are also an important component of managing care and boosting care quality for older patients who are home bound.

It’s All About Prioritizing Patient Experience

The time has come to embrace house call doctor services once again —  in a new way and a more advanced form. And for a lot of doctors, doing house calls are a noble cause.

There’s something admirable about how a physician is willing to travel to distant locations to ensure positive patient experience. House call doctor services do more than just bring benefits to patients. They also attract attention from people belonging to different fields.

Less time spent waiting

Doctors’ offices are a hectic place where you need to wait together with other patients. It’s certainly not bad. But if your matters are pressing, and if you’re a patient that is sensitive to the environment, it’s far better to have a doctor come to your home to check on you. It’s convenient for both kids and adults, and increases comfort in times of sickness.

House call doctor services cover insurance policies

Image Credit: Kaiser Health News

Medical insurance policies are also covered even when you avail of house call doctor services. There are plenty of medical offices that offer these kinds of guarantees to make sure the patient experience is worry-free and completely convenient.

Save money through at-home health care

When emergencies arise, and an urgent need for health care strikes, the first instinct is to call the doctors’ office, book an appointment, and visit the physician as soon as possible.

Compare this to a doctor just visiting your patient at home, equipped with the necessary tools for helping you diagnose the illness. You technically save on transportation costs, and you also have the doctor’s full attention during the check-up.

Utmost convenience

Image Credit: Los Angeles Times

Visiting hospitals or the doctor’s office across the city is the least thing on a patient’s mind when they feel sick. This is even more apparent if you live at home, alone. Advancing technology has created portable medical equipment.

It also places services at just a click or a call away. You don’t necessarily have to be at home either. House call doctor services can cover hotels, offices, schools — anywhere you are.

A Convenient Solution

House call physicians are one of the best answers to some patients’ desperate needs. With their service comes advantageous and agreeable methods for treating patients who would have trouble being transported to a doctor’s office or to the hospital.

It’s all about:

  • Improving doctor and patient relationships.
  • Convenient treatment of illnesses at home.
  • Providing efficient alternatives to hospital care for patients with acute or chronic illnesses.
  • Lesser medical expenses.

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