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Healthy Treats For Trick-Or-Treaters This Halloween Season


Halloween is just right around the corner yet again. The days just keep on rolling by and sooner or later, it’ll be Christmas again and then suddenly it’s Halloween again.

But who complains about these holidays, anyway? Not me, that’s for sure. A lot of people are anticipating such events to happen in their lives. The fun, the festivities, and the memories that are conceived during the holidays make the anticipation of these holidays worth it.

However, fun and memories aren’t the only ones conceived during Halloween. There are also health issues for eating way too much sugar from Halloween treats.

The Harmful Effects Of Sugar


Google trends results showed how many people searched for the stuff they wanted for the Halloween. Among the results were the Most Searched Halloween Treats. Donuts ranked the top, followed by M&M’s, then Candy corn, Candy bark and last but not the least, Chocolate.

Yummy, timely and easily available everywhere right? But, there is just one teeny, tiny problem. All of them are loaded with sugar. And not just simply loaded with it. They are loaded with sugar on sugar and topped with more sugar.

Too much sugar can significantly harm the health slowly but surely.

Effects Of Sugar On Kids’ Health

Cavities. This one is a no-brainer. It has been a long and ancient warning that sugar causes cavities. Too much sugar thus overpowering the effects of brushing of teeth can lead to tooth decay and toothaches.

Obesity.Too much sugar intake on kids can make them obese. Obese or overweight children have higher chances of acquiring conditions like heart disease, high-blood pressure, diabetes, and asthma.

Poor Appetite.Sometimes when kids ignore a fruit or a vegetable, it is not that they are turning picky. Foods loaded with sugar makes them full faster and decrease their appetite for meals.

Effects Of Sugar On Adults

Insulin Resistance.It is when their bodies don’t use insulin effectively giving your cells a hard time absorbing glucose that can cause sugar buildup in the blood. This can lead to prediabetes.

Diabetes. If insulin resistance keeps on going, that further increases the buildup of sugar in the blood. There is no cure for diabetes but it requires proper management in order to stay healthy.

Cognitive Decline. Insulin resistance and diabetes can cause the brain to shrink. It can also lead to small-vessel disease that restricts blood towards the brain which can possibly cause dementia.

So yes, even adults will try to sneak some bites into some Halloween treats from their kids, sibling or niece/nephews’ Halloween baskets.

For a healthy and almost sugar-free Halloween treat for trick-or-treaters young and old alike, here are a few suggestions that you might want to try.

For The Treaters

The Yummy Alternative Aim For Health And Wellness


Bananas are full of potassium that is an essential mineral needed by our bodies in maintaining a healthy heart, blood pressure, kidneys, and bones. Give these potassium-packed fruits some Halloween twists for a healthy trick-or-treat snack.

Cheese Stick Zombie Finger

Cheese is a by-product of milk. Milk is already a must in kids’ diets and cheese can be a good alternative for it sometimes. Cheese is an excellent source of protein, carbohydrates, and calcium. However, be cautious with passing out this treat for lactose intolerant children.

Holiday Candy Corn Fruit Pops

One of the top searches for Halloween treats this year is Candy corn. Why not make a healthy variety of it make a Halloween Candy Corn Fruit Pops? The fun and colorful appearance will make kids want to enjoy eating it. This can also be made from any fruit available to you.

Scary Apple Witches Teeth

As the saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples have natural sugars which can appease that sweet tooth. Studies found that it can lower chances of having diabetes. Turn your apple into a scary witchy treat this Halloween.

Use Those Markers


If you have no time to make, bake and create these snacks, you can always opt to the lazy—I mean, fast way. Use those markers. You can draw faces on your oranges, applesfruit cupswater bottles and more with markers. No sweat, easy-peasy. You’ve got healthy and fast Halloween party favors in a jiffy.

Sugar-Free Alternative Cause Not All Treats Can Be Food


Bubbles are a classic. No child(or adult) can resist becoming entranced with this. This will keep kids and a few adults entertained and is a good non-food treat for the Halloween.


Glowsticks are a great way to enjoy Halloween with the spooky and eerie glow that it emits. It can also give at least a bit of illumination for kids when they are trick-or-treating.



Inspire the art inside the kids by giving them some playdough. This will encourage their creativity to surface and will give them fun creating anything that they can ever imagine. Feel free to make your own playdough as well.

Bonus- For The Trickers

The Mean Alternative You Get Treat Or Trick

Chocolate Bomb

Time magazine covered a story from last Halloween about a man proposing a Halloween treat for trick-or-treaters. Brussels sprouts cleverly disguised under layers of decadent chocolate will surely “trick” kids into one of the most hated veggies.

However, the man clarified that this is just a joke. If ever you do this, do it at your own risk.

Candy Surprise

candy surprise
Source: Reddit

Another one of those healthy but sneaky “tricks” for Halloween trick-or-treaters a Reddit user shared. Simply wrap a grape or olive or any small fruit in an empty candy or chocolate wrapper. Healthy, yes. Halloween trick, yes. Devious and sneaky, YES.

This is also meant as a joke so when you seriously perform it, do so at your own risk.

In Summation

Sugar isn’t bad for the health. In fact, it is needed by our bodies in order to convert it into fuel to keep our organs functioning. Our brain is one of the organs that mostly depends on sugar. However, too much sugar intake makes it very dangerous to us.

The key to a healthy and peaceful living with sugar is control and moderation. Cheating by eating some “ bad food” such as sugar-loaded food every once in a while is okay. Just keep it in a balance and limit sugar intake in a day.

With this guide, you can hopefully cut down the excess sugar that can be found anywhere and at any time during the Halloween season.


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