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Curious About How to Be Healthy? Don’t Neglect Sleeping Pattern


Eating fruits and vegetables, completing your workout plan, and a regular checkup with your doctor is not enough for you to be healthy. Other people are talking about your need for vitamins and nutrients, but they forgot to tell about the amount of sleep you should have.

Getting enough hours of sleep change how we deal in life. When you have insufficient sleep, you get moody and feel less energetic. Sleeping has something to do with your everyday routine. If you do not have a proper rest, you may think that you do not have the strength to do your tasks.

Why do we need to spend one-third of our lives sleeping? Below are the reasons why you need to pay more attention to your sleep.

Health risks due to insufficient sleep

Sleep will not cure any disease nor help you to be immune from sickness. However, study shows that there is a connection between having a proper sleep and health issues.

helps-you-have-a-proper rest

According to a study, entitled: Sleep disturbances and health problems: sleep matters, “Obstructive sleep apnoea is associated with many health problems. It can cause excessive daytime drowsiness, most probably related to fragmentation of sleep by recurrent arousals, the loss of deeper levels of sleep, and the effect of reduced oxygenation on cerebral function.”

Based on the research from Medical Department in Harvard, here are the conditions you need to be aware if you don’t sleep early, “chronic medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, and that these conditions may lead to a shortened life expectancy.”

Serves as your power to workout

If you feel drowsy and want to close your eyes while working out, you have an ineffective exercise. When you have an inadequate sleep, you may easily get exhausted. You are not in the mood to do the tasks that you have. Keeping your body work non-stop, might lead to too much stress.


When you don’t have a better sleep, you are most likely prone to gaining more weight. Having limited hours of sleep will only affect our food choices. You will end up having a messed up diet routine. It might lead to obesity if you let yourself indulge in the food.

Letting yourself have insufficient sleep can affect your motivation to do well with your exercises. You will feel lazy, and you will end up sitting on the benches than to proceed to your usual routine. Sleep is capable of strengthening your muscles and bones. Having stronger bones will help you avoid injuries while you are lifting weights.  

Observe your sleeping pattern. Check the number of hours you sleep every night. Always remember that in every hour of sleep you lose, you need to make up for it the night after. If it is hard to put your sleeping schedule back together, make a calendar and stick to it. Try to achieve having 7 to 9 hours of sleep to be able to get enough rest.

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