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Love Soccer? Love it More: The Health Benefits Soccer Can Give You


Exercising can sometimes come as a chore to most people. Therefore, it is becoming quite a challenge for them to maintain their body’s optimal health. However, one of the best ways for people to make them exercise is to make them do something they love. Like engaging in sports.

Soccer is considered to be the most popular sport in the world with fans amounting to at least 4 billion people from all over the world. Many people consider themselves soccer fans, this is one of the activities that they can do to exercise.

However, the sport doesn’t just serve as an alternative for people who don’t want to exercise. Aside from lowering body fat, which is a given when engaging in sports, soccer also gives something more to the people. Here are some of the health benefits soccer can give you.

Enhances Hand, Eye, and Body Coordination


When playing soccer, you have to have your hand, eyes, and body all in sync. Additionally, playing the game requires you to do multiple tasks at once. For example, a player has to “dribble” the ball while keeping an eye on where you are heading as well as where your opponents are. This also enhances your multitasking skill. If you don’t get them to be on the same page, you will always find yourself in a tangled mess on the ground. However, practice makes perfect and if you keep on playing the sport, you are nurturing the skill in coordinating your senses.

Improves Reflexes and Agility

Soccer is a fast-paced game. Therefore, in a span of 10 minutes of play, there are plenty of events happening simultaneously. A lot can happen in a blink of an eye and it is imperative for players to pick up the pace to keep up. This is where reflexes and agility come in handy in the game by being fast and alert for the ball and outside of the game where it can quickly give us last minute saves from dangers. These skills are critical as well, especially if you play as a goalkeeper.

Better Cardio, Muscle and Bone Strength


The sport is all about running from one side of a huge and wide field to the other. Playing a full game of soccer is closely equivalent to running at least 10 to 15 kilometers. This results in getting your heart pumping, making it more durable to hard work and further exertion as well as enhancing your heart’s health. A healthy heart gives better protection against heart diseases.

Additionally, it also improves bone strength and muscle development. Muscle formation begins with every soccer session, replacing burned fats. This increases your overall body strength making you more durable against common colds and ailments. It also improves bone strength which can decrease your chances of getting osteoporosis when you grow older.

Promotes Better Communication and Teamwork

Just because soccer only requires the hand and the feet doesn’t mean that you don’t have to use your voice anymore. Players need communication here as well to notify their comrades where to attack and how to maneuver the ball to make them win. The goalkeeper is in a perfect position where they can see everything that’s happening in the field. This makes it easier for them to communicate and signal their teammates on what to do. All in all, soccer is a game that promotes teamwork by working together and communicating to work better together.

Get Healthy with Soccer

Playing soccer is not only about winning the game or losing weight. Sports, in general, give a lot more than just making you lose weight. However, even when playing the game, you should always protect yourself as well to get the most out of the activity.

Therefore, you should wear appropriate sports attire for the task. Soccer shoes or cleats will help you run on the ground without slipping and causing accidents. Soccer goalkeeper gloves will keep your hands and fingers protected from the impact of catching balls.

Get healthy while keeping yourself safe while playing is a formula for a healthy and active living.

This is a guest post from Renegade-GK, founded in 2017 by Keepers, it is passionate to produce only high-quality and the best Goalkeeper gloves.

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