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Guard Your Health: Never Ignore Your Emotions


If there is one thing that you do not want to give yourself that is to acknowledge your emotions. For people who remain strong despite all the problems that they have encountered, they are one of the strong people in the world. However, to those who accept what they feel, they are the strongest.

It is hard to say that you are happy when in fact you are still in the process of seeking happiness. It is difficult to tell others that you are okay when in reality you are falling apart.

Growing up, we are used to hearing intelligence quotient (IQ). IQ can be measured by taking several standardized tests which designed to be able to assess the intelligence of a human, from its total score. Some people pay more attention to their IQ than to their emotional quotient (EQ). EQ is the capacity of a person to recognize his own emotion and also of the other person.

You may be asking yourself, how is it possible that by ignoring your emotions, you are not protecting your health. Here are some of the explanations that will answer your questions.

Saves your heart from failure

Managing your stress makes you have minor problems to think about. When you have minimized your worries, you are reducing the chances of stress for your heart. And, this is because the brain and the heart are connected to each other. The said circumstances are now called as cardiac psychology.


According to Harvard Medical School, managing your emotions can help you save your heart. There are ways you might do to keep your heart’s beat stable. Never ignore your emotions. You could seek help from the professionals to help you assess and diagnose your situation. If you are protecting your brain, you are also protecting your heart.

Helps you to have an overall happiness

Keeping what you are feeling will only hinder you to find the contentment that you need. Letting your emotions control yourself can lead to developing an imbalance. If you do not understand what you are feeling, you may end up not understanding what true happiness is.

Do you want to know an efficient way to combat your stress? Guess what, you can find it within yourself. Once you are happy, there is no way a person or a situation will get in your way. No matter how stressful your days were, having a positive perspective can help you lessen that.


Stress can lead to fatigue. Realizing that your mood starts to change and your energy has lowered down may mean one thing. You are no longer stressed, but you are now experiencing fatigue or other psychological distress. Laugh and shake it off whenever you have a problem to deal with.

Makes us live a healthy life

People who want to get rid of their stress knows that they need to consult a doctor to make that happen. Therefore, after the assessment given by the professional, they were given the things that they need to stop and start doing.


To keep your body healthy, there are ways you must need to do. You should eat a huge amount of fruits and vegetables every day. Having eight or more hours of sleep will help you have a relaxed mind and body to start your day right. You were able to know the healthy ways, and that adds on the right ways of taking care of your body.

After a stressful event, you may experience having a stomach ulcer or even developing a high blood pressure. You need to sort out your emotions and to start acknowledging it. Through this, you may be able to know the ways on how to take care of your brain, body, and heart.

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