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Sick of Your Old Routine? Give Dance Inspired Workouts a Try


No one could deny that working out is hard. You need to put your effort, time, and energy in it to be able to achieve the body you want. If you really want to burn the fats in your body, you need to at least look for a better alternative that can also give you good results.

Never think that you couldn’t stay fit if you won’t go through an extensive workout. Just by the planning of ways, there are a lot of styles to make your workout more interesting and fun. You don’t need to box yourself in the old routines given to you. To be honest, you can recreate everything through dancing. Here are some of the workouts inspired by dances you can try.

Dance cardio

As one of the most popular workouts for fitness enthusiasts, dance cardio must be on your list. This kind of routine is not just about moving your body, legs, or hands. It is more than that. As what Lisa Wheeler said in her interview with Well and Good, “Classes are about the experience in the room. The feeling, the emotion, the joy of dance, no matter what the steps are.”

Just like any workouts, it is important that you are passionate about doing this variety of workout. Dance cardio is not just an alternative to a heavy workout. Instead, it is the one that helps you achieve the body you want to have.



As recommended by Department of Health and Human Services, Zumba is an aerobic activity that needs to be done 150 minutes a week, moderately. Or if you will be doing it vigorously, you can have 75 minutes a week of aerobic activity, According to Mayo Clinic, “Aerobic exercise reduces health risks, keeps excess pounds at bay, strengthens your heart and boosts your mood.”

Bollywood dance

If you were to watch Bollywood movies, you will see how they incorporate their dances in a scene for a movie. It normally involves swaying your belly and a lot of movements. Bollywood dance workout is a 50-minute cardio workout which is composed of higher and lower intensity choreography. This workout is good for everyone in any ages.

Hip-hop Tabata


Tabata was featured in the recent article. However, this time it’s incorporated with hip-hop. You just need to level up your Tabata workout routine and turn it into more like a dance, not just a simple, easy, and faster routine that can be done in just one song. If there is a dance routine that is hard, Hip-hop Tabata is an example for that.

Just dance

No, not that dance game you know. However, you can consider that as one of the great ways you can dance. If you are not that comfortable with the types of workouts listed above, you can dance on your own. You may be aware that you can dance to almost anything. Even if you are not good at dancing, if you think that you are enjoying doing it, go for it.

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