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Why Gaining Weight Is Cool? Ways to Embrace Your Own Body


Once you open your social media account, there might be a possibility that you will be bombarded with summer ready bodies. Yes, both men and women are posting their beach bods while there you are, slouching in your couch, looking like a potato. You know what, it is okay if you weren’t able to achieve the kind of figure that you want.

Everyone is in a good shape. It is just society could not stop in creating their own standards. When it comes to the figure, girls must have a beauty queen-like body. If nobody ever told you this yet, it is not a must to have a body figure of 36-24-36. You don’t need to please other people just to be accepted by the society. All you need to do is to be yourself in the world where almost everyone wants to be a second version of somebody else.

If you are ready, here are the ways on how you can embrace your own body.

Talk to a nutritionist

First thing you need to do is to get yourself a professional nutritionist. Before you decide who you need to choose, you must ensure that they are as effective as they said they would be. Below are the things you need to know when you are choosing the right nutrition coach for you, according to Breaking Muscle.

  • Know your goals
  • Ask for credentials
    • Common health professions that offer nutrition coaching services:
      • Registered Dietitian
      • Registered Nutritionist
    • Must be a member and completed trainings in private organization called the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND).
  • Compare coaching style
  • See if they are excellent counselor
  • Philosophies must match with yours

Ditch your weighing scales

If you are into social media, you will know that a certain hashtag is trending, which is #GainingWeightIsCool. As you search for it on your Twitter and Instagram account, you will see the progress and changes when it comes to the body built of every users who are using the hashtag in their every post.

First thing they did was to ditch their weighing scales. And this is because of the reason that it is not the only factor that affects your health. These scales must be taken away from you because of the fact that it couldn’t distinguish the difference of the muscles and fat in your body. In other words, it does not contain an accurate measurement.

Here are some of the posts you can find online with a hashtag #GainingWeightIsCool:

Two of the tweets you can find on Twitter:

Two posts you can see on Instagram:

A post shared by Holls_fit (@holls_fit) on

Change fitness routine

After talking to your nutritionist, it’s now the time to talk to your fitness coach. It is important that you know the right trainings to do. If you want to gain weight, you should refrain from doing exercises. There are workouts available to help you in achieving the weight that you like. Aside from the choice of fitness routine, here are the ways to gain weight in the safest way.

  • Eating a lot
  • Have a good sleep
  • Keep track of what you eat
  • Let the muscle rest

Don’t let your weight define you as a person. You are way better than those numbers on the tape measures and weighing scales.

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