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Stop All Worries: You Are Fit Even You Aren’t a Bodybuilder


When you talk about being in a good shape, you would instantly refer on things such as having abs and slim body. This kind of thinking has been circulating ever since you were born. A lot of people are criticizing others just be having a body that they perceive to be overweight. And this kind of thinking can be a bit of body shaming in some ways.

Why can’t people be proud of other people’s weight? Everyone needs to accept that nobody has a perfect weight, height, and waistline. No matter what numbers you can see on that tape measure or weighing scale, always keep in mind not to let those numbers define you. Even when it comes to being successful, digits could not predict your future.

Stop worrying over things you thought a problem you need to solve. You may not be aware of this but you might be fitter than the person next to you. Being fit has a wide scope. You might think you are not fit because you don’t go to gym, well, let this article change what you think about it.

Always active and alert


When a person is active when they are working, it means that they had a good sleep. If you have enough sleep, you are letting your body stay alert for the rest of the day. Being fit can also mean keeping your body prepared for the task and assignments given to you. You have more capacity to give better solutions to any problems you have.

Not scared of going upstairs

Just by the thought of seeing the stairs already scares you. The reason why you are scared of it might be because you know you couldn’t make it even before the last step. Confidence is the key. You are claiming that you are fit brings better perspective to you as a person. You give the opportunity to inspire other people with how you think.

Starts to walk a lot


Walking is not just transporting yourself from your place to other places. It is also a form of exercise that you do everyday. If you say that you don’t exercise, you might not be aware of it but you are already doing it. Walking can help you maintain your balance. As stated in Mayo Clinic, “walking can be very useful for both fitness and weight loss, as long as you walk at a moderate pace and get out and walk consistently.”

Better mental health

As mentioned, being health doesn’t necessarily mean you have perfect body measurements. You know what is important? It is when you managed to be optimistic despite everything. You don’t feel restless because you are happy. It might be hard for you but you easily learn to cope up even if you feel you can’t.

There are a lot of factors you need to obtain before you consider yourself fit. Not because you have a toned abs, you are already in good shape. It doesn’t end there. Always keep in mind that no matter what body proportion you have, you are beautiful. You don’t need to be like the rest of them.

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