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Skip Sugary Beverages: Drink More Water to Lose Weight


Sacrifice is one of the few words you can connect to weight loss. Which is true, even in real life, because you can’t get everything all at once. When it comes to losing weight, there are things you need to do and should not do. However, never force yourself to excessively changing your lifestyle 180 degrees. The best way to lose weight is to do basic things such as to drink more water.

One of the things you need to give up when you are aiming at losing some weight. When you drink more water, aside from hydrating your body, it can do other great things. Do you want to lose weight? If yes, make sure that you were able to drink more water. Below are the facts you need to know about water and its miracle effect on your body.

Boosts your metabolism


Since water can boost your metabolism. If this thing will happen, it will be easier for your body to burn fat. According to Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, “drinking 500 ml of water increased metabolic rate by 30%. The increase occurred within 10 min and reached a maximum after 30–40 min.”

In addition to that, if you will going to drink water before your every meal, you will be able to feel full. When this situation happen, you will be able eat lesser. A glass or two can help you fill up before you start eating your food.

Cleanse waste in your body

Water has the ability to remove the harmful toxins in your body. Toxins are good for you since it helps you detoxify your body however, if your body does not eliminate the toxins effectively, it may be the cause of having health problems. That is why there are a lot of detox drinks.

As stated in Advanced Purification Engineering Corp. (APEC), “water flushes toxins and waste from the body and transports nutrients to where they are needed. Without water the contents of your colon can dry out and get stuck, eventually causing constipation. Water is a natural lubricant that softens stool and promotes evacuation of the bowels.”

Maintains ideal weight


If you aim to maintain your weight because you are already contented with it, the perfect solution for that is water. When you have an adequate amount of water in your body, you may be able to supply your body with a calorie-free drink. You may ask if how much water you need to drink per day. Below are the things you need to know, according to Healthline.

Follow 8×8 rule

By drinking eight 8-ounce of glasses every day, you may be able to drink two liters or half a gallon of water.

3.7 liters and 2.7 liters

National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine stated that men and women need to have an adequate daily fluid intake. For men, there should be about 15.5 cups of fluids. While for women, on the other hand, they need to drink about 11.5 cups.

If it is still unclear for you, the following is the complete table of demographics connected to the amount of water a person needs to take.

DemographicDaily recommended amount of water (from drinks)
children 4–8 years old5 cups, or 40 total ounces
children 9–13 years old7–8 cups, or 56–64 total ounces
children 14–18 years old8–11 cups, or 64–88 total ounces
men, 19 years and older13 cups, or 104 total ounces
women, 19 years and older9 cups, or 72 total ounces
pregnant women10 cups, or 80 total ounces
breastfeeding women13 cups, or 104 total ounces

When you drink more water, you don’t just lose weight, you are also giving yourself the chance to be good to your body. A lot of things happen in your life everyday and the best thing you need to do is to keep it hydrated. It can help your skin look hydrated and fres.

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