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Don’t Let Yourself Fall: Enroll in Fitness Classes


As a person grows old, they have an inevitable tendency to be out of balance and to eventually fall down. No matter how susceptible you are with this changes, there are still ways you can do to prevent yourself to undergo such things. Older people are prone in this kind of problems that is why they need to start enrolling themselves in fitness classes to help them maintain their balance.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among adults aged ≥65 years. During 2014, approximately 27,000 older adults died because of falls; 2.8 million were treated in emergency departments for fall-related injuries, and approximately 800,000 of these patients were subsequently hospitalized.”


Some people might say that they have walking canes, it can support how they walk. However, what if you misplaced it? What will you going to do? Exercise is not just about protecting yourself from falling. If you are interested, below are the benefits you can get if you will get enrolled in fitness classes.

Helps you distinguish factors

If you will not enroll yourself, you might be missing chances of knowing the exact reason why you tend to fall sometimes. Instructors and trainers will help you get informed through the facts about your condition. Want to have know the overview of it? The following are the factors, as stated in Preventing Falls Through Physical Activity.

  • Inadequate nutrition—not eating a healthy diet, not having enough food, or being dehydrated—can contribute to falls as well
  • Health conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, and depression combine with normal aging changes to affect our stability for standing and moving around.
  • Being inactive affects muscle strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and posture, which can increase a person’s risk of falling.
  • Some medications have side effects that can increase the risk of falling

Knows proper exercise for adults


There are routines that adults need to avoid. If you will only base the fitness style according to what you can see on video tutorials or recommend by your friends. Older people will find it easy to roam around and ignore the possibility of falling. When you are enrolled in these fitness classes, you will be given the opportunity to reduce chances of falling.

There are four types of exercises according to what kind of routines and fitness plans and health conditions. The activities include Tai Chi, Stepping On, A Matter of Balance, and Otago Exercise Program. Each of the mentioned exercises will help you find your balance. Don’t wait before you experience falling or not being in balance. Every day is a good day to start exercising.

Increases knowledge about falling


Instructors won’t only teach you how to protect yourself from a fall. Since those exercises are used to prevent you from falling, you might still end up being in the said situation. According to Diedeke van Wijk, a physiotherapist, in his interview with CBC, “You fall safe when you make your body round, like a ball. When you stick out your arm or your hip, you have the risk that the impact is so high that you could break it,”

Giving importance to your health needs proper attention. Even if you are young, you can also get yourself be enrolled in this class. You can bring your parents and grandparents with you so they’ll be more motivated to do the exercises.

Want to know more about exercising and staying fit? Check this out for more latest fitness updates.

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