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Dirty Or Clean? Misconceptions Of What Is Clean Or Not


As the saying goes, cleanliness is next to Godliness. But how do we know that one place is dirtier than the other? What is the definition of dirty anyway? And what does clean really mean?

Throughout the years, the words clean and dirty are used in various meanings and phrases now. Being dirty and clean can mean from having a bad behavior or hinting at something sexual. However, in this article, we can establish that being dirty is where one can be contaminated by harmful germs.

Why Do We Prioritize Cleanliness?

Cleanliness keeps those harmful germs and bacteria away. If a surrounding is dirty, bacteria and germs quickly grow and fester. People who get in contact with these harmful bacteria they can get sick and suffer flu or other diseases.

Cleanliness also affects a person’s state of recovery. When a sick person is in a dirty surrounding, the person is more vulnerable to additional diseases and infections due to the weakened immune system. This could lead to the worsening of their condition or even death.

Because of that, people began fearing germs and bacteria to the point where some even developed OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. A mental condition that makes a person anxious and agitated when they think of not having to get a spray of a sanitizer.

Unfortunately, there are some misconceptions about what is dirty-that-can-cause-sickness and dirty-but-are-harmless. Are you sure that you are searching for those germs in the right place though?

Things/Places You Thought Were Dirty



One of the most common misconceptions about what is clean and what is dirty is the toilet. The toilet is known to be the dirtiest place found in a home. However, scientists say otherwise.

Housing an average of 50 bacteria per square inch, it turns out that the toilet is one of the cleanest places that you can find in a house. One of the reasons that make it clean is the people’s perception of it as dirty. Confused as to why? People think that their toilet is dirty. And the dirtier people think of it, the more they want to clean it.

Furthermore, the toilet seat is now used as a unit of how dirty something is. And apparently, there countless of things that are dirtier than it. Justice for the unfair judgment of the poor toilet is served.


We all know that money is not the most hygienic material that exists the Earth. This  We all know that coins journey starts that moment it leaves the bank and is passed on from one person to another.

However, don’t just wash your hand and disinfect each and every coin that you have just yet. An interesting article discussed how research found about the susceptibility of paper bills compared to coins. Most germs and viruses are vulnerable without a host(your body).

Coins have metallic surfaces that makes it difficult for the germs and viruses to survive long enough to infect someone. This also applies to a few bills where plastic bills are found to house lesser germs than linen or cotton-based bills.



Sometimes we all get to be paranoid and are seeing germs in every nook and cranny of our surroundings. Especially anything with regarding stuff that is outside of our house.

Some people, mostly and especially parents, worry and fret over their children playing with dirt in the backyard. It is true that the backyard and dirt there contains tons and tons of bacteria and germs, but what place isn’t? But hold the door open and stop keeping your kids and yourself inside. Go out and play in the dirt.

Despite the name, it is found that dirt isn’t dirty at all. The germs and bacteria that are existing there are good ones since they help exercise the immune system, especially in children. It is good for young and old alike so don’t be shy and join your kids when playing in the dirt.

Things/Places That Are Actually Dirty

Door Knobs And Handles

This applies to doorknobs found at home, buildings, and handles in shopping carts. In fact, it applies to all public knobs and handles.

Despite the fact that most handles and knobs have metallic surfaces, they can still house germs and bacterias. Add the fact that in public doorknobs and cart handles, you don’t know what the people holding in their hands before you used it after them.

You never know that the shopping cart handle you are holding has some leftover residue of a drug called fentanyl. Despite needing a huge dose to get affected by the drug, it is best to clean handles and knobs before handling them.

TV And Game Controllers


Like in handles and doorknobs, remote and game controllers can also be a nesting place for germs and bacteria. Both items are shared by many people, especially the remote controls found in hotels.

Germs and bacteria as well as fungus grow and thrive in places that are moist and doesn’t get much sunlight. Bear in mind that bacteria live quite well even with just the oils that are produced by our skin. Due to sweaty palms and dust, these make remote and game controllers dirty and teeming with germs.

You can also use some wipes and disinfectant to clean them. If it’s dusty, it is best not to blow it off, you might even make it worse if you blow and bits of saliva goes with it. Use a dry paintbrush to brush off the dust that seems to stick between numbers and pads.


Surprise, surprise! Not only we have information and technology right under our noses and right at our fingertips, we also get germs and bacteria along with it.

It is no wonder that the smartphone is the top one dirtiest thing that people handle and use every day. It is said to be even dirtier than your toilet. Why? People bring it anywhere they go. They use it anytime and anywhere(like in the bathroom… in the dark). They get to pass it on to friends and family who are probably sick. These situations encourage germ and virus growth.

It is a portable technology that people incorporate into their life and even sleep with it! It is more than recommended to clean your phone with some disinfectant or wipes every now and again. You never know that the culprit of your sickness was your phone all along.

Not All Germs Are Bad

Unless you live in the future or you have lots of money to spend on locking down your house for germs, there is no “safe place” from germs.

As it turns out, one of the shocking truth that can make those germaphobes faint is that we need germs in our life. Take note that there are certain germs and bacterias that are beneficial to people. Germs play an important role in life may you be a kid, adult or an elder. Think of it like your immune system needs a workout and exposure to germs serve as the gym.

Moreover, in order to boost your immune system that’ll make you stress less and save you from being paranoid, you need to eat healthy food. Eat healthy and live healthy.

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