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Merge Combat and Culture: Ways to Do Kiakahi Fitness


As a fitness enthusiast, there is a tendency that you might get bored with the same routine every day. Why don’t you do Kiakahi fitness? For those who are not familiar with this kind of exercise, Kiakahi is a fitness methodology rooted in Polynesian Physical Culture. According to Maui’s premiere fitness ambassadors, they are merging their ancestors’ wisdom and teaching. They turned it into a modern exercise that showcases fundamental mobility training.

If you want to learn and do Kiakahi fitness, it is also the same as learning a new culture. You are not keeping your body fit and to be in shape. It is more than that. Listed below are the things you will learn when you are doing their routines.

Promotes mindfulness of existence

According to Hawaii Magazine, Kiakahi is a style of fitness that integrates cultural practices combined with that natural elements. Through this routine, you are able to understand your body more. It creates a positive energy and channels a mindfulness that helps us to feel the moment.

Kiakahi session might start with a Hawaiian chant of “Ho’opuka e ka Lā”.  The chant means “the sun rises flooding the earth with light, and bringing forth vitality to all nature. The Hawaiians wished for life, health, and growth in dancing and expressed it by building the kuahu on the east side.”

Hawaiian culture believes in the saying “I ka wa mamua, i ka wa ma hope.” The quotation means, “our future is in the past.” This shows how much the people in Hawaii give importance to their history. They view the world by looking back at what happened before. To them, the past can give them knowledge and wisdom to help them in shaping their perspectives in the present and future. 


Gives a variety of physical exercises

In this hour-and-a-half-long experience, you will be given four tasks. The first sequence is kolo or crawling. It is a basic movement that incorporates power, endurance, and rotation. This will prepare yourself for the next sequences of the activity. You need to do this to avoid cramps and physical problems that may affect the whole routine.

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Using the long, wooden stick or laau, for the second part is the part of the exercise. In this stage, you will be told by the staff tales of how the sticks were harvested in Iao Valley.


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After that, you will be introduced to a Hawaiian play fight called hakoko, the third sequence. Doing this routine is also integrating several movements.


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Kaula or the battle ropes is the last part of the routine. According to Hawai’i Magazine, “it works your balance, core strength and arms.” It helps you to interact with people you are not familiar with. You may not expect it but you might meet new friends even though you will go solo.

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Helps in uplifting you spiritually

If you want to maintain your spiritual connection, you may also do Kiakahi fitness. Spiritual fitness is as important as your physical fitness. Since doing Kiakahi brings us closer to nature, it is possible that we also have a connection with it. Giving important on the spiritual aspect of our lives is a great tool to keep us focused. Make sure you have strengthened your spiritual health together with how you make sure you have stronger muscles.

When you do Kiakahi Fitness, you are not just shaping your body. You are also shaping your mind and soul.  Remember to do this exercise for yourself, to gain confidence and increase your self-esteem. Aside from learning routines, you could learn more about Hawaii’s rich culture and literature. From the way they combat, say their chants, and their beliefs when it comes to staying fit.

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