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Choose Yourself: Let People Leave to Live


A lot of people come and go. They will knock on your door, wanting to get inside. You opened it and let them enter your life. However, as things gone complicated, they all left. Leaving you without any reason. Have you ever experienced this? When did you think that everything went well but at the end of the day it didn’t? If yes, what did you do?

Did you choose to run towards them? Did you even try to beg for them to stay? You know what, the right thing to do is to let them leave. Let go of the things that will only cause negativity in your life. It’s time to choose yourself. Maybe, it is now time to make yourself feel appreciated than to get disappointed. Here are the reasons why you need to choose yourself.

You know what is best for you


If there is someone who knows you more than your diary, it is yourself, too. You were born without them, you will definitely live without them. The person who knows your struggles, pains and mistakes is the person you can see in front of the mirror. Yes, you. It’s you. No human being in this world could ever know the real you. Not even your best friend.

Clear your mind. By doing that, it is also important to remove all the toxic people in your life. You do not need them. Nobody needs a person who always says that they got your back but never did. You know what is best for you. Maybe, it is time to burn the bridges. And, maybe it is time to reduce the circle. As what they say, “quality is better than quantity.”

Helps you let go happily

Knowing the fact people will only leave when they don’t need you anymore will help you to accept everything easily. It might be hard for you to throw away the almost a decade of friendship that you had but that’s life. Whether you like it or not, others will drop you like a hot potato. But, you know what, it’s okay.


Life must go on. You must keep going. Never validate your existence just because you’ve got ignored by your crush. Choose yourself in times wherein you think nobody wants to be with you. It’s time for you to appreciate yourself. Let go of all the thoughts that were stuck in your head. Crying everything out is good for your soul. It will help you release the heaviness in your heart.

Everything starts with you

And everything also ends with you. Your decision will hone you to become the person you wished ever since. If you will not choose yourself, who else will? In the world where everyone needs appreciation from others, be aware that everything starts with you. If you will not appreciate yourself, how would people learn to acknowledge your existence?


Putting yourself first is not selfish. Giving yourself the opportunity to avoid negativity is not cowardice. Once you learn to choose yourself. You are probably one of the brave people out there. It is hard to separate yourself from people who used to be your backbone. It is hard to remove the people who used to be your shoulder to cry on.

Stops pushing yourself to others

If you keep on trying to be a part of someone else’s life, you end up losing your value. Once you know that you are the only one who is trying to fix everything. When you think that they are not even exerting any effort. It’s time to let go of them. It simply means that they don’t need you anymore.


Stop giving your everything to a person who doesn’t even care about you. Just like if you are romantically in love. If you love someone, you don’t need to give your all. Not too much, not too less. So that if they will start to love you less, it will not hurt that much and that less. Just enough to make you feel the hurt and make you believe that everything happens for a reason.

Today, who do you choose? Will you continue fighting for something that won’t go back to the way it used before? Or will you just continue living your life without them? It depends on you. You know yourself more than anyone in this world.

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