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Change Your Life With These Weird Weight Loss Hacks


Losing weight is not just about spending your time inside the gym, most especially if you are lazy. It not even about planning what to eat to complete your balanced diet. There are many ways to make your weight loss project a fun and exciting one. Whoever said that losing weight is boring might haven’t known these weird weight loss hacks.

If you are interested in these type of hacks, let Laura Ann and Natalie help you in losing weight but in the easiest and funniest ways possible.

Weight Loss Hack #1 Watch yourself eating

When you watch yourself while you are eating, you get to see yourself, you may be able to be aware of your physical appearance. It is like you are giving yourself an opportunity to manage the way you eat. Also, you may be able to know how much food you need to eat. Looking at the mirror can serve as your motivation.


Weight Loss Hack #2 Smell Cinnamon

Smelling cinnamon can help you increase your sense of alertness. This is good if you will be going to do your exercises. In terms for your workouts, it motivates and energizes you naturally.

Laura Ann

Weight Loss Hack #3 Use blue plates

Using of blue plates when you are eating can reduce hunger. Unlike when you are using the red and orange ones.


Weight Loss Hack #4 Massage your ears

Another way to boost your energy before your work out is to massage your ears. Also, by massaging your ears, you may be able to increase your metabolism.

Laura Ann

Weight Loss Hack #5 Watch horror movies

Fun fact, you can burn a 180 calorie just by watching horror movies. According to a study, from the University of Westminster “suggest that may not be a terrible idea since watching scary movies can actually help you burn calories.”


Weight Loss Hack #6 Make a playlist

Before you workout, it is a good hack to have a playlist of your favorite songs. This will help you to distract your mind while you are doing your daily routine.


Weight Loss Hack #7 Consume coconut oil

When you want to be energized, you can eat coconut oil. It is because your body can easily absorb it and it won’t get stored as fat.

Laura Ann

Weight Loss Hack #8 Use vanilla scented candle

According to ABC News, the smell of vanilla can reduce your sweet cravings. While, Reader’s Digest stated that vanilla scent reduces your cravings for chocolate, which is one of the food that might help you gain weight.


Weight Loss Hack #9 Laugh as much as you can

Laughing won’t only help you lose weight. It is one of the best ways to keep yourself healthier and to look younger. Dr. Helen Pilcher, a neurologist, made a study about the connection of laughing and losing weight. According to her study, “an hour of strong laughter burns off around 100 calories, the equivalent of a small bag of crisps or small bar of chocolate.”


Weight Loss Hack #10 Chew mint gum

According to some studies, “chewing gum can help you shave calories”. In addition, a research from the University of Rhode Island showed “that people who chewed gum consumed 68 fewer calories at lunch and did not compensate by eating more later in the day.”

Laura Ann

Knowing these weird weight loss hacks won’t only make your exercise and diet easier. It also gives a new twist on how you deal with the changes in your body. Isn’t it fun to try new things most especially if it is proven and tested? Once there is a new thing, it is given that you get much excited. And because of that, you may be able to get more excited while you are doing your daily routines.

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