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Are You Burned Out? You Deserve a Social Media Break


Scrolling up and down to your social media application can be the source of your stress and anxiety. You may not be aware of it, but it is one of the factors. For example, seeing the post of your friends about getting married might bring back your frustrations. Knowing that you are not even in a relationship can be heartbreaking to some extent.

If you are working, if ever you saw the post of your workmate enjoying their vacation is not good. The possible situation that might happen is to blame yourself for not working way too hard. A lot of emotions are swirling around you because of the posts that you saw. It can make you feel bad about yourself or be annoyed with the person who posted it.

Thinking that social media will not affect your emotion is wrong. It can affect your self-esteem, academic performance, and of course your self-esteem. You need to lessen and manage the usage of the particular sites to have a break you deserve. Here are the good things that social media break can give you.

Gives an opportunity for better sleep

The light on your smartphone can affect how you rest at night. A situation like this often happens due to the transition called “nighttime physiology” as the light fades. It is where the melatonin level rises, and the temperature of our body drops. When those things happen to you, it is difficult for you to fall asleep.


According to a study, during at night, humans are more sensitive to light. Even an hour of exposure from your smartphones or any gadgets can reduce melatonin level by 23%. Just using your devices by two hours, it can lower down the level of melatonin by 38%.

Before you go to sleep, it is vital that you have at least three (3) hours break from to much light. You can dim the light in your room or change the shade of your lamp. It is also one of the factors why you woke up more energized.

Makes you think more realistic

Who would’ve posted all the shortcomings and difficulties online? There are some who do, but most of the people post all the right things that happened to them. In social media, not everything is as perfect as you thought it was. That old friend of yours who posted about eating in a good restaurant might be already in debt.

In every post, except that there are a lot of stories behind it. Detoxifying yourself from the lure of social media will help you know that you do not need validation to live. Some things are important than the number of likes, retweets, reblogs, and hearts.

Giving up the platform that you thought kept you sane all those years can be right for you. Why? It’s because you are now starting to invest more time in the more important things. You are working on your dreams, achieve your goals, and solidify your future.

Keeps you away from negativity

Stress is powerful. It can lead to anxiety and over fatigue. You need to take a break, a real break from the things that make you a pessimist. Isolating yourself from all the negativity is good for your health and overall condition.


Social media is one of the reasons why having low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression happen. Most of the teenagers resorted to suicide because of cyberbullying they got. The more we use those applications, the more we are keeping ourselves closer to issues and problems.

There are real cases wherein some teenagers choose to kill themselves rather than coping up with it. And that is why people need to pay attention to each other’s mental health. Aside from taking a social media break, it is also essential to help each other in making sure that no one is left behind.

Improves life in different aspects

As an individual, you need to do something that can contribute to the humanity. Do small things such as commenting something nice, cheering other people, and spread positivity. If you are going through something, remember that there will always be a person who is willing to listen to you.

It’s okay to feel numb, nothing, and beat your lowest times. What’s is import is you know where and how to get up and free yourself from being stagnant. If you think that social media is starting to be toxic, get out. Leave everything behind until you are ready to go back.


Without social media, we are back to basic. Using text messages and calls are your only way to contact your friends. You start to develop the sense of living a simple life without anyone’s validation. You begin to become who you are—the better version of yourself. And this is because life is not about getting someone’s approval. It is about making sure that you feel happy and contented.

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