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Water and Creativity: Health Benefits from Blue Spaces


That’s what flow is—relaxing into what you know well, and letting creativity happen. Water, literally and metaphorically, allows us to do that and allows you to move in all different directions. It takes away this relentless field of gravity that’s dragging us down, making us feel heavy. When we’re in the water, we get relief from that. If we have physical injuries and barriers in the water, those go away. If we’re clumsy on land, in the water we’re less so.

                                                                                                                                – Wallace. J. Nichols

Your health may be compromised by your fast-paced life. An eight-hour desk job combined with the amount of pollution you inhale on a day-to-day basis is killing you. Your weekends are spent binging on net Netflix and junk foods. Consequently, it requires several visits to the doctor.

It sounds like what you need is some natural break.

Did you know that exposing yourself to outdoor blue spaces like oceans, rivers, and lakes has massive health benefits?  Blue space is an urban term that refers to blue waters. It is an emerging study with growing evidence that supports its positive effects on public health.

Benefits of Blue Spaces

Tired of popping a pill to address your health problems? Here are the magical effects of exposing yourself to a blue environment:

General Health Benefits

Yoga near the beach

If you are experiencing some complications with your health. You may want to look at your lifestyle. You spend five days of your week in a routine that involves staying in the same position for several hours. Your diet is no better either. With your busy schedule, fast-food becomes a convenient option.

It is important to pay attention to your body and its needs.

And even if you’re just looking to relax. Spending time with nature is a no-brainer.

A systematic review of 35 studies published in the International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health found evidence that spending time with nature, including blue spaces, results in improved health in general. This includes a lesser risk for obesity and better cardiovascular health.

Other than it helps alleviate stress, it also does well for your mental health. One recent study from Ireland found evidence to support being close to water reduces depression.

According to researchers, “the reasons why water is mentally therapeutic may be connected to the open vistas, reflected light and associated soundscapes.” It is also proven that depression is linked to “detachment from the natural environment” which is why spending time with nature becomes the best way to counter its symptoms.

So if you don’t have time for a daily exercise routine, this is the best thing you can do for your body with minimal effort.

It is Therapeutic

Walking by the beach

If you’ve ever been to the beach you will understand the way it puts you in a state of serenity. It’s euphoric, isn’t it? If you haven’t, then you seriously need to re-evaluate your life choices. Bodies of water are some of the most beautiful scenery that we should enjoy while we’re alive. More importantly, it is free.  

Simply exposing yourself to the beach for a few minutes a day makes a huge difference. Water is everywhere. They are easily accessible.  If you’re planning to take a break from your noisy life, blue spaces are your best choice. If you live in the city, it sure is worth a drive.

Spending time with the blue space also helps you become mindful. Immersing yourself in the meditative state relaxes your mind. It is a pause from the daily stresses of your life.

Taking a few days a week to make time for relaxation is important. Your bodies and minds need time to recuperate from the pressures of your daily life. It is not as demanding as a workout regime, it simply takes a willingness to take care of yourself.

Enhances Your Creativity

Man with guitar

Having trouble coming up with original ideas for your next project? One thing that kills creativity is routine. So if you’re doing the same thing five times a week, do not expect that a creative idea to just pop out of your head.

You see, originality is fostered once you explore something new. The first thing you must do is to get yourself out of your loop. In other words, you must take a break, clear your head and start fresh.

Creativity has always been connected to water. This is what marine biologist Wallace. J. Nichols calls in the book ‘Keeper Of The Sea’ as a “Blue Mind’ which refers to a peaceful and meditative state.

He explained in one interview what sounds of water can do for us:

According to Nichols “water provides semi-structured white noise. Either water lapping a boat or the sound of waves on a beach or the gurgling of a creek.

The noise has some regularity, some irregularity. It doesn’t demand your attention. It’s not carrying information. But it holds your attention. Psychologists call it soft fascination.

That creates a bubble of solitude and privacy surrounding you or you and someone you’re with. You can hear yourself think.”

This allows you to generate some new ideas. Think of yourself as a knife being sharpened out of its dullness.

Developing A ‘Blue Thinking’

Woman on a cliff

Nurturing a ‘Blue Mind’ is beneficial not only to humans. The environment and your health are interconnected. Appreciation for blue spaces also benefits the environment. Knowing that it helps you, fosters a need in you to reciprocate it and protect the environment.

By now you must understand the value of blue spaces and how it impacts your health and the environment.

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